new kid on the blog

Starting this blog was a nervewrecking experience, from deciding a name for the blog to deciding its look *still thinking*, this is truly much worse than the work i do and more difficult than i thought. But after fiddling with the laptop for hours. I decided. What the heck! I should just relax and BE C O O L.

For an INTJ *if i remember correctly* who has never written a single diary, this is a giant leap of faith. I always find it a hassle to write. The push came when i chanced upon blogs that had been inspiring, positive and informative. They offered me new perspectives with their love for life and passion in what they do. Coincidentally, I am at a phase when i want to express myself and perhaps, to make sense *or not* of it all. This would be a perfect avenue.

So here i am. My TRAINRIDE.


8 Responses to “new kid on the blog”

  1. W Says:

    Nice looking blog !

  2. trainride Says:

    Thank you, W ;)

  3. Ai Hui Says:

    nice! love the anime pix at the start! DID U do that? wowow….didn’t know u were into anime !!!
    hmm…after all those years of pent up emotions…finally the tigress has emerged from her shell!! ermm…i mean..cave? kekeke…just pulling ur teeny tiny toes….
    happy that you have a blog!! keep it up!! good way to share ur life with us! love Japan pix!!! wish I can go toooooooooooooo!!!!!!! must psycho K into this!

    • trainride Says:

      harlow !
      So happy to hear from you! Yes my teeny creative side needs an outlet *haha*. Also i thought it would be great to keep in touch with friends this way. It is pretty fun and therapeutic too.
      I didn’t draw the pic, makoto shinkai did. If i ever do, you’ll be my first critique. Stay in touch yeah. Will post more pics so you can psycho K!

  4. Lisa Says:

    Hi Woman!

    Wah I never knew you wrote so well.. impressive =)

    Great blog… especially on your hokaido stuff…. ooo I so love the snow and scenery. so ready for another trip to snowboard????

    • trainride Says:

      tee hee…*shy* thank you! You can start one too I’m sure you have ALOT to write !
      Another trip…think i am banned from trips for the next few years !

  5. Ai Hui Says:

    what’s INTJ btw? my acronymns are getting pretty outdated nowadays…

    hahaha…maybe those who have ALOT to write just wanna give chance to those who have EVEN MORE to write!! kekeke….ooooooo….love the anime…so so pretty!!!

    drroooolllllll…ur blog making me wanna go Japon again!

    • trainride Says:

      INTJ is a personality test result *haha*

      let me find the website and i’ll send it to you. I have MORE pics to show. for now, i’m buried with work. AGAIN.

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