my mom’s greatest birthday gift

It’s my brother’s birthday today, a day after my mom’s birthday. Ok its abit delayed but still, it must be a wonderful experience *i think* to poop a baby out around your birthday. Ok I was told he was a pain *he still is* coz he was such a BIG baby.

HE DID NOT LOOK LIKE ME AT ALL. He was fluffy snow white with brown hair and pink cheeks!

The brother was a total opposite.

In his growing years, he was a PEST. He burst with energy, talks non stop, loves attention and clings to my mum like a koala *u CANNOT yank him off*. At age 2+, he climbed on stage in a shopping mall and danced to Micheal Jackson’s Beat It before a crowd. When he sensed camera lenses on him, he tilts his overfilled diaper-wrapped bums and posed before the camera like a pro! ME? I stick to a corner and pretended i was invincible invisible.

We kick, pinch and punch each other and I HATE IT when he wants to play WWF! Of course, when we were small, I could fight back. As we stepped into our teens and he was rugby captain, it made perfect sense to stick to verbal arguments *duh*.

Despite our differences, my brother counts as one of my bestest friend. My mum asked if i wanted a brother or sister. I decided there and then that a brother would be fun. I was right. Through the years, he had provided me perspective, advice and contributed tonnes of laughter to the family.

Happy Birthday Baby Bro! You are one awesome brother!

*Brother, this must be my BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT to you ever!*


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