about differences

I am halfway through a 2-weeks MC due to a surgery and this leave came at the right time for me to sort out the crazy ideas raging through my brain which further accumulated after lying in bed for SO LONG (that my back and my butt hurts!).

Hence, I truly appreciate W who just got back on Saturday after a 1 week work trip to KL and despite a bad throat and cough, he beared with ‘the ticking time bomb’ and gamely field 2 hours of ammunition laced with ‘what ifs. should we. how. when. why don’t and WHY NOT!?!?!?‘.

I recalled this article W pointed out whilst reading the Japan Times. It left a very deep impression on me *I kept the newspaper cutting*. The article was originally from Los Angeles Times and written by Deborah Heiligman titled ‘The Darwins’ Marriage of Science and Religion’. She is also the author of the book ‘Charles and Emma: The Darwins Leap of Faith’ which is currently available in the library.

It chronicles Charles Darwin and Emma’s marriage which lasted to the day Charles Darwin died. It showed how 2 persons with absolutely differing views supported one another especially during an era when the difference is almost unthinkable. Read about it here

I understand the limitions of a book in illustrating 43 years of marriage between CD and Emma. I never think it is easy explaining what marriage is. After all, it is also possible that the writer could have formed her own perceptions and perhaps I am just a hopeless romantic. There will always be cynics. However I do believe that what touches the human heart should not be wrong and I would try to achieve that ideal.

Back to us. It was a friendly chit chat. There were differing views but I appreciate them. It made me think. Besides, like Metrodad had said ‘What counts in making a happy marriage is not so much how compatible you are, but how you deal with the incompatibility’. Awesome.

I would be working hard.


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