the trainride


It was a special trainride for me.

When we travelled from Sapporo to Tokyo for the final leg, we took the 16 hour Hokutosei Train. We had bought our dinner/breakfast bentos from Daimaru Foodmarket and hot canned drinks from the vending machine at the train station for a feast in our cabin.

I was REALLY excited because I have NEVER taken a sleeper train.

I had always liked the idea of sleeper trains. A private space all to ourselves where we can talk about anything everything over a can of hot coffee, play any music and eat messily as vast fields, farms, ocean horizons, woods, mountains, small towns, cities, cars on the highway, whizz past. As I look onto the cars travelling in the moonless night illuminated only by their headlights (travelling at equidistant!), I can’t help but wonder where they were going and how it is like to drive and travel alone.


So after finishing our bentos, we left the spotlight on and W played his mp3s (my fav is akeboshi & chaba). Unlike what I had imagined, we didn’t chat till daybreak but it was one of those rare simple moments where we just sat on our beds, watch the changing landscapes go by with our favourite music playing on.


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