back to the drawing board

It has been 6 years since I graduated from the University.

I have worked with The Office right after graduation and there had been NO REGRETS. Ask me if I would do it all over again, the answer is a big YES. I have learned, unlearn and gotten a better understanding of who I am and what I need. No matter how tough it had been, I ride it through and come out triumphant *in my perspective*.

It had been an exciting albeit bumpy ride full of silly mistakes, hilarious moments, angry moments, frustrating moments and impossibly stressful moments. But that was what made it meaningful. Through the ups and downs, I learn to deal with my insecurities, strengthened my confidence and refined my convictions.

It feels surreal. I did not see this coming and it was definitely not in my plan for 2009.

I had made a major decision on Thursday last week. I will move on.

Strong friendships were forged over the years and I am happy to know that I could bring along with me fond memories of good people and happy times. They are simply priceless. Bad experiences just did not matter anymore. 

It was an emotional moment for me when I handed in the letter. I could not understand why. I think I am going to miss my messy table, the familiar voices and the gossip sessions for a while. 

I am fearful of the unknown yet excited at the same time. A new chapter is unfolding and I am eager to find out where it would go and where W and me would end up.

I must move on.


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