In my entire short working life *6 years*, I realised that my favourite day of the week is a Thursday. W says I’m weird. Well, I guess maybe I am since many *W included* would agree that their favourite day is a Friday. But why not Thursday? Really.

Think about it.

Don’t you have the feeling of anticipation when Thursdays arrive just because you know that Friday would be coming soon, like in the next 24 hours – 8 hours sleep = 16 hours of which 12hrs *or the entirety of it* would pass in a flash because you are working your ass off clearing deadlines just so that you DON’T WORK WEEKENDS.

When Friday is here, it takes on a different meaning for me. Don’t get me wrong. I am happy nonetheless because Friday nights give you a legitimate reason to leave the office ON TIME *rare I know* for family or friends dinner parties. Afterall that should be the reason why Fridays are favourites for most coz you can hang out so late and not worry about waking up at 7.30am the next morning. But to me, Fridays would mean that the weekends are nearing. Now, the problem with weekends is this, they end too quickly. It’s gone in a flash before you can fully appreciate it.

Oh well. I guess the concept of time would be oblivious to me for awhile. The only marker I have would be W’s presence.

Anyways, *I have to post this within 2 mins to qualify as a Thursday post* what I want to say is this. This Thursday would be a special Thursday for me because when Friday ends, my long weekend just began.


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