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wild rocket @ mt emily

May 27, 2009

combined all

It has been a while since we last step into a fine dining restaurant. W decided to give me a surprise treat for our 2nd anniversary dinner and it was sweet of him to remember that I have not tried this restaurant despite my brief mention a year back.

From left,

foie gras ngoh hiang . crabmeat linguine with chilli tomato sauce . braised veal cheeks . tiramisu

I love the crabmeat linguine with its intense flavours best. The ngoh hiang is interesting with the flavour of the foie gras coming through as an aftertaste. But personally, I would prefer foie gras on its own. But no complaints. I had guessed as much before ordering. That is what ngoh hiang means isn’t it, a mix of meat and vegetables wrapped in beancurd skin hence the mix of flavours. The dish of braised veal cheeks is good too with the braised meat shredding off easily when poked with a fork.

After dinner, we decided to explore mt emily. Mt emily is pretty interesting with some nice residential developments. Quiet and peaceful and located just a stone throw away from Dhoby Ghaut, it sure looks like a nice area to stay in. After exploring, we walked down the hill to get some comfort food at Rochor Original Beancurd. And how I love the crispy fritters. It just goes so well with the ultra soft and smooth Soya Beancurd and SoyaBean Drink.


I am craving for the fritters again.


la-pa-an (lapin) is the correct pronounciation

May 26, 2009

combined lapin-jpg

It is here?! Since 2007?!

I couldn’t believe it when W told me he saw the Lapin at Riders Cafe Carpark! It is so small and cute. Compare the Lapin’s proportion to the (5 x 2.5)m carpark lot (or the car next to it). This particular Lapin had a blue body with a white top (just the way I like it) and a Blythe doll dressed in a bunny suit sitting on the dashboard in the car.

Now that I have seen the real thing, the more I want to BUY it. But. It costs S$52,000!

I guess the photos would offer me sufficient therapeutic relief for now.

honey lemon watercress drink

May 20, 2009

The only use for Watercress that I know of, is to make the savoury Watercress Soup boiled over time with pork bones and red dates. Watercress is a nutritious vegetable chock full of vitamins and minerals especially phenylethyl isothiocyanate, known to fight cancer.

I had tried the Honey Watercress Drink in Singapore, once. However, it did not convince me enough to replicate the drink until our recent trip to Hong Kong. On the last day of the trip, we had planned to take the Airport Express from Kowloon Station. Thanks to the efficient ‘In Town Check-In‘ service offered (available at Hong Kong Station too) to select Airlines by the Airport, we checked in our luggages early and had ample time to explore more before our flight at 8pm. Tired of walking, we decided to give Full Moon Restaurant a shot. The restaurant is located near the train station in Elements (Kowloon). If you happen to be there, try the delicious crispy noodles topped with crab sauce and of course, the lovely Honey Watercress Drink.

So in the week I got back home, I decided to make the drink which I believe have ‘cooling’ properties as our weather had been especially hot and humid lately. I surfed the net looking for recipes and after a few tries, adapted it to my own tastes. I am happy with the result. In fact I just made a batch on Monday, hopefully to soothe W’s mouth ulcer. So here goes.



> 3 Bundles of Watercress

> 18 Dried Red Dates (6 Red Dates to 1 Bundle)

> Rock Sugar (approx 4x4x4cm)

> Water (approx 1.5L to 1 Bundle of Watercress)

> Honey

> Lemon Slices

Boil a pot of Water. Toss the Watercress, Red Dates and Rock Sugar into the boiling water. After adding the ingredients, allow the mixture to come to a boil. Boil a further 10 mins. Lower the fire and simmer for 2 hours. After 2 hours, let the pot and contents cool. Add honey and lemon to taste.


Of course, the recipe had been adapted to my liking after a few tries. Go ahead and vary the amounts to taste. Enjoy!

Riders Cafe

May 20, 2009

I have a penchant for restaurants and cafes that are ‘real’, down to earth, in quiet locations and offers good food at reasonable prices. Throw in the owner’s philosophy, that runs along the lines of ‘passion’ for his or her craft and offerings, I will gladly part with my money.riders-0

My dear friend L, brought me to one such cafe yesterday, the Riders Cafe. Riders Cafe is surrounded by lush greens and horses in Bukit Timah’s Saddle Club and is accessible only by cars. It makes a good hideaway from town. Being a weekday, it is pretty quiet on a hot 2pm afternoon with the crowd growing at 5pm as the cool evening arrives. Just great for chats over tea with friends.riders-2

This is an ambience I would like to have if I ever own a cafe *dream*.

The menu offers breakfast, lunch and dinner which I intend to try the next time. Since it is tea, we ordered a pot of Earl Grey and the following two items.


The scones *available from 3pm* are more savoury than the usual scones I have tried and can be a little dry and hard after some time. Hmm. Also, I would very much prefer clotted cream to whipped cream but kudos to the generous portions of spreads accompanying the scones.


Death by Chocolate.

Yup. This is the killer. The cake is totally drowned in chocolate. I couldn’t breathe too. It’s THAT good. Now, I’m not a chocolate cake fan. I prefer to savour chocolate bars on its own and would most often choose fruity or citrusy cakes over chocolate ones *really miss Wajima’s yuzu cake w orange liquer!*

But. This is different. L told me that the ice cream uses vanilla beans instead of the artificial vanilla flavourings. I have read and heard about expensive vanilla pods and home made ice creams but have not had the chance to try some.

I think I can never go back to Wall’s Vanilla Ice Cream.


I finished 2/3 of the cake! Think I should join the horses in their morning runs. Shucks.

It was a really nice afternoon chat. Quality time with good friends and good food, the cost is justified. I hope the Cafe stays the same for a long time and I’ll be coming back.

first attempts

May 19, 2009


So, following the startling news from my parents. It triggered off a chain of thoughts on my part. What would I learn at age 60? What would my interests be? Would I forget my goals? Can I fight the inertia? I wonder.

In retrospect, I haven’t tried anything new for the past years until the last trip to Hokkaido. The inertia was great and I was nervous. I remembered, when I gleefully announced to my team mates after a ski stint in Niseko, that ‘I CAN FINALLY SKI!’. A colleague then asked, ‘Is it possible that you would never learn?’

Ok. I managed only the Green Course (Beginners) on a 11-13 degrees slope. My skiing ability was confined only to Start. Stop. Accelerate. Turn Left and Right. Because I took ages to get the basics right, I SWEAR my ever polite Japanese Instructor must have on several occasions, secretly hope I take a wrong turn and roll off the Dynamic slope (34 degrees). Haha. But at a grand old age of 31 and when the most tedious sporting activity I had ever done in my life was the 2.4km run in school, I consider this a very GREAT ACHIEVEMENT. Of course, I wanted to bury myself in the snow when 3 year olds whizz pass me after a dramatic fall *imagine stephen chow*. But think. Those babies with diapers have lower CGs. And they live here. It is natural that they could ski whenever they want!

So imagine my surprise and envy when my bro told me he attempted the Olympics ski route in Switzerland (ie >34 deg). WOW! SO BRAVE! For a while, I wanted to kick myself on the butt for not trying *and stopping W too*. ‘What? My baby bro did the advanced course on his first attempt!’ My bro, amused by my reaction then confessed ‘Well…the Olympic Record was in seconds. I took 3 hours.’ He had ski-ed mostly with his butt on the snow. Hahaha.


So, ‘Is it possible that you would never learn?’

The truth is, I am guilty of such thoughts too. That was how I felt when W suggested skiing. My tummy churned. I wondered when I had started thinking like this. I certainly did not think this way when I first rode the bicycle at 5 or learn to swim at 11. Why this? I realised it has become a habit. I am afraid to fail. I thought I could not learn. During the training course, I was grumpy and blamed W for my falls and pains. I was negative. But I realised I should not let the negativity spread and ruin W’s experience.


I am glad I hang on. The view was beautiful.

our journey

May 12, 2009


Hold my hands and remember our pact to explore the world (preferably Japan) even when our hair has turned all white and we need walking sticks.

‘At The Beginning’ for you. To a wonderful journey for the both of us.

Happy 2nd Anniversary!

my little dream

May 11, 2009

The Suzuki Lapin.


Not very ambitious huh. W says he would never EVER be caught driving a car like that. It’s way too cute! That’s him. But not me. I love it. I like the quirky proportions. The interior is cosy and well designed with all the compartments a girl would ever need. Check it out here. I also like that you have so many colours to choose from. Try the Lapin simulator. I just have to hand it over to the Japanese.

Did I ever tell you that I love confined spaces and designing a confined space like airplane, car, yacht interiors. Well stay tuned!


Check out the cute dashboard!




On top of it. THIS. Just what I need. A car made just for me. I knew it!


Think picnic baskets, pretty tea sets, cute compartments for little trinkets, matching brollies. Nice.

index2Img10W is worried, very worried indeed. Fortunately for him. They only have it in Japan. Shucks.

have no fear

May 10, 2009

Received startling news from my parents over a Sunday Breakfast.

My mum got her DRIVING LICENCE *faint*.

It was kept so well under wraps that none of us knew nor expected it. Imagine our surprise when she showed us the letter with her Temporary Licence. We thought the letter was fake! What?! Driving Licence at age 57! We were so stunned we couldn’t comprehend the contents on her letter for awhile. I didn’t think she could drive and I had discouraged her. Singaporean and Malaysian drivers can be SCARY. I felt bad. I had imposed my fears on her. But she went ahead and she did it.

I am darn proud of her.

Some of her choice selections *gasp*.

BMW 7 series


Mercedes CLS Class


Good luck brother, think you need a second job. Haha.