my little dream

The Suzuki Lapin.


Not very ambitious huh. W says he would never EVER be caught driving a car like that. It’s way too cute! That’s him. But not me. I love it. I like the quirky proportions. The interior is cosy and well designed with all the compartments a girl would ever need. Check it out here. I also like that you have so many colours to choose from. Try the Lapin simulator. I just have to hand it over to the Japanese.

Did I ever tell you that I love confined spaces and designing a confined space like airplane, car, yacht interiors. Well stay tuned!


Check out the cute dashboard!




On top of it. THIS. Just what I need. A car made just for me. I knew it!


Think picnic baskets, pretty tea sets, cute compartments for little trinkets, matching brollies. Nice.

index2Img10W is worried, very worried indeed. Fortunately for him. They only have it in Japan. Shucks.


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