first attempts


So, following the startling news from my parents. It triggered off a chain of thoughts on my part. What would I learn at age 60? What would my interests be? Would I forget my goals? Can I fight the inertia? I wonder.

In retrospect, I haven’t tried anything new for the past years until the last trip to Hokkaido. The inertia was great and I was nervous. I remembered, when I gleefully announced to my team mates after a ski stint in Niseko, that ‘I CAN FINALLY SKI!’. A colleague then asked, ‘Is it possible that you would never learn?’

Ok. I managed only the Green Course (Beginners) on a 11-13 degrees slope. My skiing ability was confined only to Start. Stop. Accelerate. Turn Left and Right. Because I took ages to get the basics right, I SWEAR my ever polite Japanese Instructor must have on several occasions, secretly hope I take a wrong turn and roll off the Dynamic slope (34 degrees). Haha. But at a grand old age of 31 and when the most tedious sporting activity I had ever done in my life was the 2.4km run in school, I consider this a very GREAT ACHIEVEMENT. Of course, I wanted to bury myself in the snow when 3 year olds whizz pass me after a dramatic fall *imagine stephen chow*. But think. Those babies with diapers have lower CGs. And they live here. It is natural that they could ski whenever they want!

So imagine my surprise and envy when my bro told me he attempted the Olympics ski route in Switzerland (ie >34 deg). WOW! SO BRAVE! For a while, I wanted to kick myself on the butt for not trying *and stopping W too*. ‘What? My baby bro did the advanced course on his first attempt!’ My bro, amused by my reaction then confessed ‘Well…the Olympic Record was in seconds. I took 3 hours.’ He had ski-ed mostly with his butt on the snow. Hahaha.


So, ‘Is it possible that you would never learn?’

The truth is, I am guilty of such thoughts too. That was how I felt when W suggested skiing. My tummy churned. I wondered when I had started thinking like this. I certainly did not think this way when I first rode the bicycle at 5 or learn to swim at 11. Why this? I realised it has become a habit. I am afraid to fail. I thought I could not learn. During the training course, I was grumpy and blamed W for my falls and pains. I was negative. But I realised I should not let the negativity spread and ruin W’s experience.


I am glad I hang on. The view was beautiful.


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