wild rocket @ mt emily

combined all

It has been a while since we last step into a fine dining restaurant. W decided to give me a surprise treat for our 2nd anniversary dinner and it was sweet of him to remember that I have not tried this restaurant despite my brief mention a year back.

From left,

foie gras ngoh hiang . crabmeat linguine with chilli tomato sauce . braised veal cheeks . tiramisu

I love the crabmeat linguine with its intense flavours best. The ngoh hiang is interesting with the flavour of the foie gras coming through as an aftertaste. But personally, I would prefer foie gras on its own. But no complaints. I had guessed as much before ordering. That is what ngoh hiang means isn’t it, a mix of meat and vegetables wrapped in beancurd skin hence the mix of flavours. The dish of braised veal cheeks is good too with the braised meat shredding off easily when poked with a fork.

After dinner, we decided to explore mt emily. Mt emily is pretty interesting with some nice residential developments. Quiet and peaceful and located just a stone throw away from Dhoby Ghaut, it sure looks like a nice area to stay in. After exploring, we walked down the hill to get some comfort food at Rochor Original Beancurd. And how I love the crispy fritters. It just goes so well with the ultra soft and smooth Soya Beancurd and SoyaBean Drink.


I am craving for the fritters again.


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