Dad’s Birthday Breakfast. Riders Cafe


We decided to do away with the usual dinners and had a birthday breakfast for my dad instead. We thought it would be a good way to start a birthday, though we have to admit that it was worrying at first because my dad can be VERY FUSSY about his food.

I had brought my dad to Aqua in Hong Kong last year. I did an email booking 2 weeks in advance to get the window seats because I wanted my dad to enjoy dinner with the wonderful HK night scene in sight. Of course, the view was fantastic but alas, the food was a let down. His fish was overcooked. Well, Western cooking often feature a main ingredient so it can be obvious when things go wrong. My dad was so disappointed!

This year I made sure I did a trial run before deciding on the venue.

It was a good choice. Great Saturday morning. Hearty delicious breakfasts in a quiet, green environment with horses around. Chit chats. You should have seen my dad. He was smiling THE WHOLE DAY. As for me, I discovered a new favourite. Benedicts! I never knew they taste so good.

W had the Florentine *spinach* and my dad, me and GS had the Eggs Benedict *ham*.


My mum and brother had the Big Breakfast sets. Being a family of BIG EATERS we took our chance with the special occasion to ‘stretch’ some more. Check this out.

Creme Brulee, Death by Chocolate and Pancakes.


My gosh. They were all good. W loves good thick fluffy pancakes and Riders did it really well. We washed it all down with the hot teas and coffees. It felt so good. I am so glad my dad likes it. That’s what mattered most.

Happy Birthday Papa!

bd cake


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