Just want to share another good and reasonably priced restaurant with you all. The restaurant is quiet and make a good getaway from the crowd (esp with the school hols now on). A korean restaurant with a Korean boss, the food is good and fresh. It’s located in Fusionpolis at Buona Vista.

I like the little sides that come with the food. They are good with rice and works up an appetite. I get to try different sides on each visit (kimchi is the staple though) so it’s pretty fun anticipating the sides for the day. The best part is, it can be refilled. Heh.

Cucumber with Wasabi . Kimchi . Bean Sprouts . Ikan Bilis . Pickled Cucumbers


This is our 3rd time to the restaurant and we had decided to try out the hotplates. It was pretty interesting, we noted that the charcoal is in a ring form designed so that the flame goes through each ring (see top picture). Good quality charcoal we suppose, since there were no fumes nor soot.

Seafood Pancake . Ribeye . Kimchi Soup


The Ribeye and the Pork Belly were good (so good I forgot to take a picture)! The pork belly was sweet! Despite the goodness, I find it a little expensive for the amount given so I’ll just stick to the menu below next time!

Grilled Saba Fish . Beef Bulgogi . Seafood Pancake . Kimchi Soup


If you notice, Seafood Pancake and Kimchi Soup are staples. 맛있은!


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5 Responses to “koryo”

  1. Ai Hui Says:

    ah..welcome 2 my world of korean cuisine!! lovely pix! so glad that SG finally has authentic korean restaurants and not just Seoul Garden….hehe…
    so how’s life ,shu? did u get my last reply 2 ur blog?

    I’m gonna make some bulgogi for guests on the 20th june…it’s korean steamboat we are having coz winter….very cold here!!

    u take care! love,

  2. trainride Says:

    haha, you like korean food too! I heard there is a pretty strong Korean community in Australia too. When are you coming back ?! I want bulgogi! Can you make kimchi too? Please teach me if you can!

    Oh dear, I don’t think I have your last reply. Life is good for now *hehe* I’m sure it’s the same for you too ;)

    you take care too!

  3. Ai Hui Says:

    heehee. i read that u quit your firm…so i said CONGRATS! happy for u! dunno much abt kimchi as i erm..haha.,,still dun like spicy food…but i can research for recipe…
    yessssssss…..there’s a growing korean community here..love their facials and hair and make up!! makes u feel so special…!!!! me dunno when can come back leh…see how first lor…now got swine flu ard..somemore i’m coming from melb dun wanna kena quarantine in sg..sobsob….

  4. trainride Says:

    oh yes I did read that reply. I replied too!

    oh wow… so facials is part of your pastime now *hehe* Anyways, after mastering your korean recipes, please share them with me!

    Yeah the swine flu is irritating. Do tell us when you’re coming back :)

  5. Ai Hui Says:

    hello…u replied? but i didn’t get leh…can resend? anyway i’ve got the kimchi recipe. can email u? what’s ur email?

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