saving gaia


Read an article about rising temperatures which resulted in the booming air-con business. Ironic isn’t it. MORE air-conditioning units = MORE electricity and MORE heat generated to the environment (ok I’m guilty too).

Mental images of polar bears hanging onto their dear lifes on melting ice bergs, dying crops, drying lakes and increasing desert land; this led further to images of deforestation, derailed migratory patterns (think confused animals), overfishing, over consumption of natural energy sources (more ecosystems destroyed with more oil rigs).


I also read today about increased waste in China and the lack of garbage dump fill areas and how they opposed to the building of more garbage disposal plants near their homes to contain the rubbish (think poor urban planning).

Man. Sigh.

I feel moody. It distresses me. It is always somewhere in my head and I DO get worried over this. Where are the scientists? What are the politians doing? Where are the regulations? Yes. I know it is a complex issue involving governments and corporations. Too many interests and little alternatives. I am angry that I cannot help (in a bigger sort of way) and at being a hypocrite because I am part of the destruction too.

What about the next generation?

For now, I can only be mindful. I hope that someday, I would be able to do something about it. I can start with buildings. That’s the least I can do.

It’s back to the basics.


Nighttime Igloo, Moriusaq, Greenland, 2006 from National Geographic.


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