simplified mango lassi

mango lassi-1

Since the Thai Honey Mangoes are in season, my wonderful mother-in-law made this for us in the morning to ensure that we are sufficiently immune and healthy. The colour is so pretty in the morning light that I had to take a picture. It tastes as good as it looks!


> 2 Thai Honey Mangoes

> 2 Tubs of 100g Low Fat Yoghurt

Peel the Mangoes, remove the seed, dump into the blender, add the Yoghurt and CHURN. Simple!

I think I’ll try adding in some lychees, longans or strawberries to intensify the flavours. OR sprinkle Pomelo over, just like the mango desserts in Hong Kong, topped with a dollop of vanilla bean ice cream! Yummy!


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2 Responses to “simplified mango lassi”

  1. lailablogs Says:

    Simple to make and sounds delicious .. Laila ..

    • trainride Says:

      Hi Laila,

      just discovered your comment from the spam section! I think you have an interesting blog! I would love to try out your recipes.

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