bittergourd kerabu . char siew

Am so excited!

We bought lots of fresh produce from the wet market this morning. When I see fresh ingredients, I feel happy. Bursting with colors and chock full of goodness, I can’t wait to use them. Just imagine the delicious and healthy dishes that can be created!

Just this morning, I attempted 2 recipes never tried before. Char Siew adapted from a recipe from Chubby Hubby for tomorrow’s dinner, and Bittergourd Kerabu for tonight from Lee Sook Ching’s Cook Malaysian (a great cookbook for beginners).

Bittergourd Kerabu adapted from Lee Sook Ching’Cook Malaysian

fresh produce-kerabusteps1RECIPE

> 1 Bittergourd halved lengthwised, de-seeded and sliced

> 2 Tbsp Chopped Walnuts

> 2 Tbsp Raisins

> 5 Small Limes for Lime Juice

> 1 Red Chilli Shredded

> 2 Tsp Sugar & 2 Tsp Salt

Mix the Bittergourd with 1 Tsp of Salt and stand for 20mins. The Bittergourd slices would become limp. Wash the salt away with water and squeeze as much water as you can from the Bittergourd slices. Add in the Walnuts, Raisins, Chilli, Lime Juice, Sugar and remaining Salt to the Bittergourd and mix. Done! Store it in the refrigerator to chill for use.

Full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals! It’s quick and easy.

fresh produce-kerabu

Char Siew adapted from Chubby Hubby

fresh produce-charsiew1

Since the recipe require a 12-24 hours marinade, results would be posted tomorrow. So stay tuned! *excited*

Assam Fish Head

fresh produce-fish head

Bought a beautiful ‘ang kor li’ fish head and paired with such wonderful ingredients, I have decided to cook ‘Assam Fish Head’ for tonight’s dinner. Initially, I was feeling experimental and wanted to start from scratch (ie buy tamarind and spices to make my own sauce). Alas, laziness took over. I didn’t require much persuasion when I was told how tasty the pre-packed sauces was. So stay tuned for the results!


fresh produce-pumpkin

Beautiful pumpkin isn’t it! I couldn’t resist when the sellers showed me the pumpkin. It’s from Australia. The seeds were removed to preserve the pumpkin longer. Guess I’ll be surfing around for some recipes to use it! (Hmm. Japanese or Western?)

The veggies sure made my day. Heh.


4 Responses to “bittergourd kerabu . char siew”

  1. roasted pumpkin soup « train.ride Says:

    […] seems to me, a good recipe to use the beautiful pumpkin I just bought yesterday from the market (see previous post). It is simple and a breeze to make. Heh. I went through a few recipes and incorporated a bit of […]

  2. char siew « train.ride Says:

    […] I am a fussy char siew person. It is crucial that the char siew must not have a porky aftertaste (if you know what I mean). It must have a well balanced flavour. This recipe adapted from Chubby Hubby works really well! (click here for pictures). […]

  3. Ai Hui Says:

    hello…looks like u are setting up a food blog these days! try adding some nutmeg to the pumpkin soup..i had a recipe that called for that and it had a nice spicy twist to it. :) i used the electric broiler for char siew – but i place my broiler lid over a pan rather than use the original glass bowl that came with it. this means the charsiew cooks faster and more evenly. char siew…yummyumm….feel like making some soon…..drool…thnx for other recipes…looks great!

  4. trainride Says:

    haha, it was unintentional! I happen to buy some cook books recently so decided to try out the recipes inside. Also, my in-laws are very health conscious so I’ve been picking out vegetables and trying out some Japanese recipes which emphasises quite abit on freshness. Will post too. hehe. And as for the sandwiches, it was a request from W. So it has been quite an experimental 2 weeks!

    I need to blog about others, getting bored already. Haha!

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