W sandwich lunchbox

W has finally given up on me.

It all started with subtle hints by sending me emails on sandwich recipes websites. With a grin stretching from ear to ear, W would get me to look into his laptop wherein lie images of delicious looking grilled sandwiches spilling with bacon and melting cheese. Well, for months, I managed to fend it all off with ‘Hmm, ok, yeah looks good, goodnight, cheese is bad for you!’ But alas, he can take it no more and finally requested for it outright. ‘I WANT a sandwich for my lunchbox, PLEASE’.

Argh! That means I’ll have to drag myself up in the wee hours of the morning *horror* to make sandwiches! On top of it, have/know the ingredients to make a sandwich and VARY IT OVER A WEEK when W can be so very fussy about his food. Sigh.

Ok. It shouldn’t be tough. Right? There are ONLY these few categories to vary – Bread, Veggies, Meat, Cheese, Condiments. But the recipes usually call for gourmet ingredients which must be bought IN TOWN and don’t keep well in our weather!

The blog I was tasked to learn from – Panini Happy a fantastic blog with interesting (gourmet) recipes and great tips!


Stress. But I will survive.


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4 Responses to “W sandwich lunchbox”

  1. Irene Says:

    Once you have survived, do pass me the recipes of those easy to make n nice to eat de… I’ll make for Jerry (or ask his maid to make) hahaha

  2. trainride Says:

    Hi Irene!

    hehe, I tried that too but he says he is ok with it. Oh well, think I can’t escape!
    Haha. Try to get a sandwich press if its available here. My inlaws got it from Australia. The brand is Breville. It’s really good coz it melts everything in and compact the sandwich so that the ingredients don’t come falling out.

    oh i have posted the recipes on the blog :) do check it out! also check out panini happy which gives amazing tips for making sandwiches. The best thing about sandwiches is you can throw in all the leftovers and it would still taste good;)

    tell me how it goes!

  3. Irene Says:

    I’ve got a sandwich press but it’s those triangular type. Can’t stuff much ingredients in there.

    I need to have my own hse n kitchen den I can start buying all the stuffs I am gona use. Now is like not here not there. Sigh~

    Hey we should have a pot luck someday. I love cooking!

  4. trainride Says:

    Yeah it can be difficult if you’re not familiar with the kitchen. Hehe. I highjacked the kitchen =P

    Sure! We can do potluck when you guys are free and we can try your cooking!

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