Kumato and Sandwich

kumato sandwich

Just bought this amazing tomato yesterday from Bishan NTUC Fairprice.They are called Kumato and these are cultivated in Malaysia. According to this Kumato website, these black tomatoes are not genetically modified and are usually produced in Europe *Hmm*. I first chanced upon them in our Cold Storage Gourmet supermarket and the listed price of S$6++8.50 (also from Malaysia), for a box of 6 tomatoes, put me off! I have heard about them but they were just too expensive for me to satisfy my curiousity. BUT! I was elated when I saw the exact same box selling in NTUC for S$3! 50 PERCENT!

Like I’ve mentioned previously, I usually need to work with 2 sandwiches in the morning. They both have to be DIFFERENT. Naturally, W is the guinea pig. Hehe.

You know what, he didn’t like it?! It was funny watching him take a bite and see him examine his sandwich with a weird look on his face. I took a bite and I am an immediate CONVERT. It was sweet and it goes so well with the cheese and spinach! I made another for myself. Hehe. I guess the Kumatoes are all mine now! Buar Har Har.


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