sandwich galore!

The light rye bread, Herb Focaccia buns, Blackforest Ham, Roast Beef and Smoked Turkey Ham I bought just days back expires this week! ARGH.

In my attempt to reduce wastage, I’ve been having sandwiches for both breakfasts and lunches this past week. I was never THAT HEALTHY. My breakfast is usually a simple assemble of 2 slices of soft toast slathered with butter and kaya accompanied with a small cup of coffee. VERY KILLINEY (pic from Killiney)


Oh well, I guess it is good in a way coz like Gordon Ramsay has ‘highlighted’ in his show in Hell’s Kitchen, ‘Taste your food!’. Up to now, I’ve been rather pleased with the results so since my appointment with THE CLIENT has been changed to Monday, *YEAH!* that leaves me with some time to share the following recipes with you guys!



INGREDIENTS > 2 Slices Roast Beef . Mozarella Cheese . Black Olives . Basil . Jap Mayo and Mustard . Wheat Bread (Sun Moulin)

This is the first time I’ve tried Roast Beef. The look of it always puts me off. BUT. Imagine my surprise when I first tasted it. It has a subtle flavour that is not overpowering and goes really well with the cheese! Got them from Cold Storage for S$5.71 for 9 thin slices. Black Olives are the first for me too! The flavour is not too sharp as compared to the green ones or maybe its the liquid used to preserve the olives that made the difference. Must find out more. Hmm.



INGREDIENTS > 1 Slice Blackforest Ham . Asparagus . Basil . Brie . Toasted Walnuts . Raisins . Multigrain Bread (Gardenia)

I first read about Blackforest Ham in PaniniHappy and I was surprised to see it sold in Meidiya. It’s got a really nice flavour and cheap too! I also love Asparagus in sandwiches. They give a refreshing taste and crunch to the sandwich. Walnuts give the extra crunch to the combination and I like using raisins coz they lend some sweetness to the sandwich without being overly fruity.



INGREDIENTS > 1 Slice Smoked Turkey Ham . Brie . Toasted Walnuts . Black Olives . Basil . Jap Mayo . Ikea’s Lingon Berry Jam . Herb Foccacia (Cold Storage)

I love smoked turkey ham the most! On the date of its expiry, I fried up the rest with red onions and beaten eggs flavoured with soya sauce. A modified version of ‘fuyong dan’. It tastes great! I’m gonna get more of this from Cold Storage. No wonder this is the bestseller amongst the Turkey Hams.



INGREDIENTS > Salami . Mozarella . Basil . Jap Mayo . Light Rye Bread (Cold Storage)

This is my Breakfast today in bid to use up the Light Rye Bread. Argh. But there’s still half a loaf left. If you have noticed by now. I use Basil Leaves in every sandwich. I love it! Basil gives it the ‘gourmet’ tastes that you get from restaurants.



INGREDIENTS > 3  Slices Salami . Asparagus . 1 Kumato . Basil . Black Olives . Toasted Walnuts . Ikea’s Lingon Berry . Brie . Cheddar . Herb Focaccia (Cold Storage)

This is my lunch today and I have managed to use up all the meats. Only 1 Focaccia Bun left and 1/2 a loaf of Light Rye to go. Fortunately I have a fresh batch of Asparagus, 1 Kumato (keeps surprising well for 2 weeks!) and bits and pieces of leftover cheeses and walnuts to go with the bun. Sandwiches are great for leftovers because you can throw anything in and yet produce a wonderful tasty sandwich! This time, I added Ikea’s Lingon Berry Jam to give it a fruitier flavour and it turned out really well against the salami!


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