my nosy husband

My husband, always experimenting and disrupting my ROUTINES, have DONE IT AGAIN! Amused with blog stats and poor categorizing (or lack of), he took it upon himself to log on to my website and fiddled with the controls in bid to do a major ‘clean up’. Add Tags, re-categorize, change caps, create links.

W : ‘Why are some of your categories or titles in caps and some are not?’

Me : ‘Erm, I like how it looks? It’s suitable for the content.’

W : ‘Hmm. Oh well. Let’s see, what’s this? Why is it categorised under environment. That’s not right. I’ll re-tag it for you.’

Me : ‘whoops!’

W : ‘I don’t like the title simplified mango lassi. I will change it. Hey wait a minute. Why didn’t I get to try the lassi?!’

Me : ‘Don’t touch that!!!’

W : ‘I will add advertisements for you.’

Me : ‘NOooo! Stay away!’


So, there he is sitting there right now, amusing himself and amusing me at the same time too. Haha.



3 Responses to “my nosy husband”

  1. YH Says:

    hahahaaa.. so cute.. u should add “pesky husbands” to the tag! :)

  2. bookjunkie Says:

    Wow that actually sounds kinda sweet :)

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