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this is life

August 24, 2009

Delicious birdie butter cookies from Tokyo paired with a glass of meiji milk. Nice.


The beautiful prints on this string-binded sketchbook and ultra smooth paper from kyoto is so delicate that I can’t bear to use it!

japanese notebook

L and C, thank you so much for your gifts!


the legless chair

August 24, 2009

Just realised I didn’t name the product that got me the muji book prize in the previous post!

The product that garnered the highest vote was the ‘Muji Legless Chair’! I remembered the competition didn’t state whether you had to vote based on the Japanese Community or our Local Community. But since it was the most ‘Japanese’ product on the list, I decided to choose that. It was a culture shock for me when I first saw them in Ryokans (left kamikochi’s nishi-itoya; right kinosaki’s nishimuraya) in Japan. But since the Japanese sit on floors, I thought this was a great idea. The chairs were pretty comfortable too!


A little search on the muji website revealed a new model of the legless chair which I thought rather interesting. You can use it in many ways which is pretty versatile for a guest room.



I wish Muji was cheaper. Sigh.

15 minutes + muji

August 20, 2009

Won a muji prize recently for voting the most popular product listed in the Muji Ion Exhibition. Yep, I am a muji fan. Hehe. I rarely do lucky draws because I NEVER win! But. The less than half empty transparent lucky draw box meant that the probability of getting a prize would be high. On top of it, I wanted the prize book so I tried my luck.

I was soooo happy when I got the letter informing me of my win. I went immediately the next day to claim my prize!

I kept the book in its wrapping so that both W and me can unwrap it. Haha. The book chronicles muji since the 80s and its development in product design. Nice.


After collecting the prize and W’s Mogo Mouse (another cool product), it seems pretty apt that we popped over to 15 minutes in LaSalle Arts School for dinner. The fish and chips (S$12.90) was great and the Affogato (S$5.50) was really good! We ordered the Lychee Soda (S$4.90), Watermelon and Feta Salad (no watermelon and feta!?) and Prawn Pizza (S$9.90) but I think you can skip them. I recommend going for lunch instead because prices are much lower (fish & chips at S$9.90).


Good fish and chips, cool ambience, low prices (for a restaurant setting) and 1 for 1 happy hour for heineken beer before 8pm will make us go back again!

LaSalle College of the Arts


A beautifully executed place isn’t it and done by local architects as well. Yeah!


Check out the CCTV camera concealed above the light. Neat huh. Hehe.

wu guan zhong

August 17, 2009

guzhaiFinally caught the exhibition on it’s last day at the Singapore Art Musuem. I had missed out on Ju Ming and Xu Beihong exhibitions *sad* and I am determined NOT to miss this one.

I don’t know much about art but I am always intrigued and inspired by artists who dedicate their lives to their crafts. I also have the utmost respect for veterans who went through persecution (Cultural Revolution) and hunger and yet persevered to hold on to their beliefs. It required a lot of courage to hold up in the face of adversity. I personally liked how Wu Guan Zhong had evolved from this all.

Today, fashionable lifestyle (from Art to Architecture) surrounds us. Beautiful photos in magazines and blogs showcasing wonderful homes, furniture and designs are a treat for the eyes and senses. I get drawn to them too. However, I always felt that something deeper was missing. I think it is the intensity of the human spirit.

Anyone can profess to be a designer, painter or architect nowadays, aided by blogs and tools on the powerful Internet. It is different from the past, when urgency to find solutions and answers to each cultural, political and social problems cultivates the person. I am not certain if we would be able to achieve the level of intensity as we had before. I guess time will tell.


There is so much thought and emotions in his paintings. I nearly signed up for painting classes after the exhibition and aspired to be as good as he is! However, when I realised that he spent half his lifetime painting nudes (he started painting since 16), I figured I should just stick to what I am doing now and develop it. Hehe.

The strokes in his paintings say so much. A book would not suffice nor do justice. Nevertheless I still intend to buy one and would be reading up on the essays that he has written. BUT, since the essays are in Chinese. I think I would need a Chinese dictionary!

This is W’s favourite. Heh. Because ‘the Pandas are fat, happy and eating bamboo shoots!’ *faint*


pops of color

August 10, 2009

pops of colours

Happy things! These are not my nails though. Haha. But I thought the colors were really unique and cheerful. I also like how the reds stood out in the Japanese Rare Cheesecake.

lunch date at Borsch Steakhouse

August 10, 2009

borsch steakhouse

We had a lovely lunch date at the Borsch Steakhouse last week. Heh.

This is a really old school restaurant in Serangoon Gardens that serves adapted Russian fare. Think 80s decor with fairy lights, curtains, flower patterned plastic table mats, old newspaper cuttings and smells that came with old restaurants. This place is full of character but I have to admit that what drew us in the first place, was the cheap food offerings from the restaurant! An Executive Set Lunch at S$12.80 includes soup, mains, ice cream and tea/coffee. There is also another set lunch at S$7.80 which I intend to try very soon.

The food is good for the price! W’s Beef Steak was tasty and tender. My Oxtail paired with Buttery Mash Potatoes was soft and went pretty well with the sauce.

I miss restaurants like this. It has got a laidback feel which is suited for family dinners and friends gatherings. I would definitely be back soon!

national day @ YMCA Singapore

August 10, 2009


My Father in Law managed to get 5 tickets for access to YMCA’s newly renovated rooftop garden to celebrate the National Day and view fireworks! Never knew YMCA had such a gem in their premises with a nice pantry, covered roof structures and pool! The Party was well prepared with a professional MC and generous with lots of chips and dips, a nice buffet with childhood favourites like sausages/cucumber/pineapple on toothpicks etc. and welcome drinks (see above).

Clockwise from top left- View towards Orchard Road, the upcoming Arts School and view towards CBD


The 44th National Day Celebration begins with the crowds waiting in anticipation for the parachuters, the mega flag flying through the skies and the fighter planes which were too fast for me to catch! The rest of the time was spent chatting with The Husband, snacking, eating and watching the celebrations at the esplanade via the Projector screen.


The Fireworks. Unfortunately, the view from YMCA is blocked by the office buildings hence a bit of a let down. However, this was made up for by the warm crowds singing, cheering and feasting.


asparagus, mushroom & cheese sandwich

August 3, 2009

Mushrooms with Cheese. This will never go wrong. W was resistant to mushrooms in sandwiches initially but I decided to go ahead and stuff them in. Heh. RESULT. He loves it now!



> Organic Asparagus . Organic Aragula . Brown Button Mushrooms

> Organic Cranberries . Organic Sunflower Seeds (toast) . Walnuts (toast)

> Herb Brie . AMD Cheese . Mozzarella Cheese

> Jap Mayo

> Light Rye Bread

Spread Jap Mayo on the inner sides of the Bread. Lay the Aragula followed by the Asparagus. Add Brie (think food glue). Lay the mushrooms and sprinkle the seeds, nuts and cranberries over. Add the AMD Cheese and Mozzarella Cheese and cover with the other slice of Bread. Place on the Sandwich Press and watch the cheeses melt!

I love Brie for their ‘creaminess’ and it goes really well with the mushrooms. If I prefer a stronger flavour to it, I’ll add stronger cheese like AMD Cheese or Mature Cheddar to add more depth. Mozzarella Cheese gives the extra chewiness.

Also, Mother In-Law was pretty concerned about preservatives in food recently. Hence, I’ve cut down on the meats and weighed in on organic vegtables. But think W is getting tired of the greens so I’ll be popping down town soon (maybe Three Sixty in Ion) to get more interesting meats, cheeses, breads and Basil to spice up the sandwich!

The idea of mushrooms and cheese was so enticing that I had to make one for myself too! Heh.


I woke up at 6.20am THIS MORNING to make these sandwiches! The sky was pretty dark still, hence the poor lighting quality of the photographs. But don’t be fooled by the pictures. You should try it. It was really delicious!

my first google sketchup!

August 3, 2009

This is a historic moment.

Throughout the 12 years of school and professional life, I never thought that I could ‘sketch’. In fact, I just bought a book ‘Sketching Interiors – a Step by Step Guide’ followed by a shopping rampage (quite fun though) for pastels, kneading eraser, sketch block and fixative but gave up after several failed attempts. Haha. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a really good book that teaches some basics in drawing and which I intend to master still. BUT when I think of modifying and re-sketching the image, just because of ONE material change, I cringe.

SO. I steeled myself, sat down and went through the entire online tutorials, fiddled with the buttons and created my very first 3D model via Google SketchUp (and on MacBook Pro too).


It is really amateur but I feel accomplished nonetheless; and NO I am not attempting any high level renderings. I’ll leave that to the experts. This is good enough for me. Heh. Off to borrow ‘Google Sketchup for Dummies’ from Central National Library.