asparagus, mushroom & cheese sandwich

Mushrooms with Cheese. This will never go wrong. W was resistant to mushrooms in sandwiches initially but I decided to go ahead and stuff them in. Heh. RESULT. He loves it now!



> Organic Asparagus . Organic Aragula . Brown Button Mushrooms

> Organic Cranberries . Organic Sunflower Seeds (toast) . Walnuts (toast)

> Herb Brie . AMD Cheese . Mozzarella Cheese

> Jap Mayo

> Light Rye Bread

Spread Jap Mayo on the inner sides of the Bread. Lay the Aragula followed by the Asparagus. Add Brie (think food glue). Lay the mushrooms and sprinkle the seeds, nuts and cranberries over. Add the AMD Cheese and Mozzarella Cheese and cover with the other slice of Bread. Place on the Sandwich Press and watch the cheeses melt!

I love Brie for their ‘creaminess’ and it goes really well with the mushrooms. If I prefer a stronger flavour to it, I’ll add stronger cheese like AMD Cheese or Mature Cheddar to add more depth. Mozzarella Cheese gives the extra chewiness.

Also, Mother In-Law was pretty concerned about preservatives in food recently. Hence, I’ve cut down on the meats and weighed in on organic vegtables. But think W is getting tired of the greens so I’ll be popping down town soon (maybe Three Sixty in Ion) to get more interesting meats, cheeses, breads and Basil to spice up the sandwich!

The idea of mushrooms and cheese was so enticing that I had to make one for myself too! Heh.


I woke up at 6.20am THIS MORNING to make these sandwiches! The sky was pretty dark still, hence the poor lighting quality of the photographs. But don’t be fooled by the pictures. You should try it. It was really delicious!


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2 Responses to “asparagus, mushroom & cheese sandwich”

  1. WY Says:

    wah that’s A LOT of cheese in 1 sandwich! i thought you said cheese is bad for walter? hehehehe! and wow you really wake up at the crack of dawn to make these for walter… he’s a lucky bugger :)

    anyway mushrooms & cheese are definitely yummy together – think burger king mushroom swiss!!! :) did you cook the mushrooms beforehand or just place them inside the sandwiches raw and the sandwich press will cook them?

    i just bought chopped almonds and cranberries at the market today! will try them in next week’s sandwiches :)

    • trainride Says:

      That amount was for two sandwiches ie one for breakfast and another for lunch. Hehe. Yeah man, my brain was in a blur. It was really tough to wake up. Argh.

      I cook the mushrooms in the sandwich. But don’t cook too long coz mushrooms release juices when cooked through, which makes the sandwich soggy. I take it out once the cheese was starting to melt down. It would continue to cook in the sandwich after taking out too. Hey tell me how your sandwiches goes! I’ve never tried almonds. I’ll try them when my walnuts are done ;)

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