my first google sketchup!

This is a historic moment.

Throughout the 12 years of school and professional life, I never thought that I could ‘sketch’. In fact, I just bought a book ‘Sketching Interiors – a Step by Step Guide’ followed by a shopping rampage (quite fun though) for pastels, kneading eraser, sketch block and fixative but gave up after several failed attempts. Haha. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a really good book that teaches some basics in drawing and which I intend to master still. BUT when I think of modifying and re-sketching the image, just because of ONE material change, I cringe.

SO. I steeled myself, sat down and went through the entire online tutorials, fiddled with the buttons and created my very first 3D model via Google SketchUp (and on MacBook Pro too).


It is really amateur but I feel accomplished nonetheless; and NO I am not attempting any high level renderings. I’ll leave that to the experts. This is good enough for me. Heh. Off to borrow ‘Google Sketchup for Dummies’ from Central National Library.


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2 Responses to “my first google sketchup!”

  1. WY Says:

    hello woman!! i am learning sketchup too hahahah!

    • trainride Says:

      You too! I’m not good at it so I’ll need to plough thru the book to understand more. We can exchange tips too! hehe

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