lunch date at Borsch Steakhouse

borsch steakhouse

We had a lovely lunch date at the Borsch Steakhouse last week. Heh.

This is a really old school restaurant in Serangoon Gardens that serves adapted Russian fare. Think 80s decor with fairy lights, curtains, flower patterned plastic table mats, old newspaper cuttings and smells that came with old restaurants. This place is full of character but I have to admit that what drew us in the first place, was the cheap food offerings from the restaurant! An Executive Set Lunch at S$12.80 includes soup, mains, ice cream and tea/coffee. There is also another set lunch at S$7.80 which I intend to try very soon.

The food is good for the price! W’s Beef Steak was tasty and tender. My Oxtail paired with Buttery Mash Potatoes was soft and went pretty well with the sauce.

I miss restaurants like this. It has got a laidback feel which is suited for family dinners and friends gatherings. I would definitely be back soon!


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2 Responses to “lunch date at Borsch Steakhouse”

  1. YH Says:

    yeh, good ole borsch…
    i used to go there in my jc days after sunday service as a treat!
    it was $5.50 for a set lunch some 10 years then!

    have u tried shashliks at far east shopping center?
    also hainanese chefs like borsch – all the staff are old uncles and aunties.
    my sunday school teacher who first brought me there said those chefs used to work on ships, and cook for the ang-mohs, so their western culinary skills are tip top!

  2. trainride Says:

    Wow! S$5.50 is really cheap. Those were the days yeah. The mains are quite good! I am going back to try pork chops. Think they have the set at S$7.80 Hehe.

    Yes! I tried Shasliks. Our friend gave us at treat there. I LOVE the Borsch Soup, actually more than Borsch Steakhouse=P I would like to go there again but the prices are quite steep. But yes the food is really tip top *drool*

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