national day @ YMCA Singapore


My Father in Law managed to get 5 tickets for access to YMCA’s newly renovated rooftop garden to celebrate the National Day and view fireworks! Never knew YMCA had such a gem in their premises with a nice pantry, covered roof structures and pool! The Party was well prepared with a professional MC and generous with lots of chips and dips, a nice buffet with childhood favourites like sausages/cucumber/pineapple on toothpicks etc. and welcome drinks (see above).

Clockwise from top left- View towards Orchard Road, the upcoming Arts School and view towards CBD


The 44th National Day Celebration begins with the crowds waiting in anticipation for the parachuters, the mega flag flying through the skies and the fighter planes which were too fast for me to catch! The rest of the time was spent chatting with The Husband, snacking, eating and watching the celebrations at the esplanade via the Projector screen.


The Fireworks. Unfortunately, the view from YMCA is blocked by the office buildings hence a bit of a let down. However, this was made up for by the warm crowds singing, cheering and feasting.



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