wu guan zhong

guzhaiFinally caught the exhibition on it’s last day at the Singapore Art Musuem. I had missed out on Ju Ming and Xu Beihong exhibitions *sad* and I am determined NOT to miss this one.

I don’t know much about art but I am always intrigued and inspired by artists who dedicate their lives to their crafts. I also have the utmost respect for veterans who went through persecution (Cultural Revolution) and hunger and yet persevered to hold on to their beliefs. It required a lot of courage to hold up in the face of adversity. I personally liked how Wu Guan Zhong had evolved from this all.

Today, fashionable lifestyle (from Art to Architecture) surrounds us. Beautiful photos in magazines and blogs showcasing wonderful homes, furniture and designs are a treat for the eyes and senses. I get drawn to them too. However, I always felt that something deeper was missing. I think it is the intensity of the human spirit.

Anyone can profess to be a designer, painter or architect nowadays, aided by blogs and tools on the powerful Internet. It is different from the past, when urgency to find solutions and answers to each cultural, political and social problems cultivates the person. I am not certain if we would be able to achieve the level of intensity as we had before. I guess time will tell.


There is so much thought and emotions in his paintings. I nearly signed up for painting classes after the exhibition and aspired to be as good as he is! However, when I realised that he spent half his lifetime painting nudes (he started painting since 16), I figured I should just stick to what I am doing now and develop it. Hehe.

The strokes in his paintings say so much. A book would not suffice nor do justice. Nevertheless I still intend to buy one and would be reading up on the essays that he has written. BUT, since the essays are in Chinese. I think I would need a Chinese dictionary!

This is W’s favourite. Heh. Because ‘the Pandas are fat, happy and eating bamboo shoots!’ *faint*



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