the legless chair

Just realised I didn’t name the product that got me the muji book prize in the previous post!

The product that garnered the highest vote was the ‘Muji Legless Chair’! I remembered the competition didn’t state whether you had to vote based on the Japanese Community or our Local Community. But since it was the most ‘Japanese’ product on the list, I decided to choose that. It was a culture shock for me when I first saw them in Ryokans (left kamikochi’s nishi-itoya; right kinosaki’s nishimuraya) in Japan. But since the Japanese sit on floors, I thought this was a great idea. The chairs were pretty comfortable too!


A little search on the muji website revealed a new model of the legless chair which I thought rather interesting. You can use it in many ways which is pretty versatile for a guest room.



I wish Muji was cheaper. Sigh.


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One Response to “the legless chair”

  1. DHEA Dosage Says:

    my sister ordered sofa beds on the internet, they are quite nice and very comfy to sit in *”.

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