My deepest apologies to dear friends who were not infomed. I had lost my handphone earlier (stolen to be exact) and I did not do a backup of my contacts. ARGH! On top of it, with the late notice that W got, we were in a rush to get our visas prepared.

Yep. I am leaving in December and Fontainebleau will be my home for the next 6 -11 months. I am gonna miss you guys ALOT. But fret not! A year will pass in a flash and I’ll be looking forward to more tea sessions when I am back!

Do visit me when you are in France during Spring AND just to tempt you abit further, Paris is just a 45 minutes trainride away! Think of London, Brussels and Amsterdam! They are all within reach in just 2-4 hours! OR we can do forest trails or hiking too! Hehe.

So do stay in touch and to my friends, please remember to sms me your number too!


4 Responses to “Fontainebleau”

  1. wy Says:

    from what wikipedia described, it sounds like a beautiful place! so happy for u gal, i’m sure u will really enjoy yourself!! pls be inspired by the many cafes & restaurants there and learn french cooking!

    have you watched the movie julie & julia? it’s about paris & french cooking…. if you haven’t, go watch! you will LOVE it i’m sure!!!

    by the way what is walter going to be doing in fontainebleau? is he going to be studying at INSEAD? i read on wiki that that’s where INSEAD is located.

    :) ~wy

  2. trainride Says:

    I’m looking forward to forest hikes in Spring! Hehe. But first, I will need to endure 3 months of very cold winter I heard.

    I think I will go catch the movie! just watched the trailer and it was really funny esp the cordon bleu part. Hehe. I think that’s what I’ll be doing in France. Cooking and painting and taking photographs!

    You are right, Insead’s the reason we are there. So we might be in France 6 months and another 6 somewhere else :P

  3. YH Says:

    sounds totally AMAZING!!!!!!!!! :)

    when r u leaving? i need to ogranise wings at my place!

    • trainride Says:

      oooh….bbq wings, my fav! And thanks for letting us crash your place!!! Our date of departure is not confirmed yet coz we’re on waitlist but we hope to leave in the 14 december week ;)
      Looking forward to party!

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