old cucumber soup



> 600g Pork Bones (or chicken)

> Dried Red Dates, Wolfberries & Dried Scallops

> 1 Old Cucumber (lao huang gua)

> 2 Litres Water

> Salt to taste

Put the pork bones into a pot of water and bring to a boil. Boil a further 5 mins to remove the blood. Wash the cooked pork bones and scrape off any traces of blood. Discard the used water. Prepare another 2 Litres of water and place the pork bones into the pot. Bring to a boil. Add the Red Dates, Wolfberry and Dried Scallops and simmer on low fire for 2 hours. Stop the fire and cool. 3 hours before dinner, bring soup to a boil and add cucumber. Simmer the soup until ready to serve for dinner.

The longer the soup is simmered, the tastier it would be. However, I like to cool the soup and allow the flavours to seep before re-simmering. Saves gas this way too! Hence, the soup is usually prepared in the mornings. However, do note that the cucumber disintegrates easily, so add them later.

Old Cucumber : The more wrinkles at the ends, the better. Scrub the cucumber. Slice the cucumbers and scrape off the seeds. Do not remove the skin otherwise it would disintegrate, forming a mushy messy soup.


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