prince coffee house


Another ancient discovery!

I used to frequent the malls in Bukit Timah during my secondary school years because of my piano classes but I had NEVER stepped into Prince Coffee House in Coronation Plaza! In fact, I never knew it existed.

Until one fine day, after clarifying some matters regarding our visa applications at the French Embassy, W brought me to this really old-school restaurant with really stuffy aunties. Haha. Despite its decor, it attracted a steady flow of students. They were familiar with the restaurant, knew where they like to sit, knew what to order and knew where to get their free flow of soft drinks! Likewise, it was amusing watching the aunties. They were like grandmothers dishing out food for the kids. I was wondering how much pocket money the students get each month. Until I realise the restaurant offers discounted set meals to students.

It was an interesting experience having food in this really retro restaurant with mirrored walls, like pixels. I ordered the Pork Chop Set which came with soup, bread and coffee/tea whilst W ordered the Beef Hor Fun. The food is good for the price. The set was really cheap so I believe I’ll be dropping by the next time I submit my visa applications!


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