my first french lesson


BECAUSE. Our French Tutor resides in Tokyo. How cool is that!

We could not sign up for group classes in Alliance Francais due to our schedules so we decided to go for private tuition classes instead. However, AF tuition classes cost a whopping S$82/hr for 1-3 persons. It was simply too much for us to bear. W found this website French Faster and we decided to go with them only to realise that they have converted to online learning!

We had some reservations initially but decided to give the 1 hour trial lesson a go, to see how it could work out. It was amazing!

We communicated via skype. I was always skeptical with internet video chats because of the quality and intonations is a major concern when learning a language. But my worries were put to rest. Nageeb, the tutor, was clear and systematic in delivering his materials. We were comfortable with his style of teaching and analysis. SO. We have decided to sign up!

Well, I guess only time will tell if Nageeb’s teaching would pull us through. We’ll see *wink*.


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2 Responses to “my first french lesson”

  1. LBP Says:

    hey , wenbang here…

    Speaking of French lessons, did I by any chance lend you my Japanese language notes?


    • trainride Says:

      hello hello!

      how are you?! Unfortunately, I did not borrow your Japanese Language Notes. I never took Jap classes although I would like to!

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