My first ‘DSLR’!!! (actually, it’s a micro 4/3 system but work like a DSLR) My Panasonic GF1.

It was a hard decision to make. I had wanted a Canon DSLR for years. It all started when we needed to hire a wedding photographer in ’07. The ability to capture the right moment and see beauty in the mundane excited me. Good photographers bring a picture to life (check out feldberyl although I didn’t get him for our big day). Further inspired by beautiful blogs like nordjlus, I was convinced that I would get a DSLR some day. However, cost stopped me each time. I needed to consider carefully if I was prepared to invest in lenses which can cost more than the body itself! Also, I was concerned with the bulk and weight of the DSLR.

Hence when the micro four thirds system was announced. I was ecstatic. It is a bridge between the DSLR prowess and Compact camera compactness. However, being a relatively new concept, I was apprehensive. But after reading reviews and comparing photographs on DPreview. I decided to go ahead with it.

It was A VERY LONG WAIT for the stocks to arrive. But it was WORTH IT.

I love the images and effects that the camera could do with the lenses. The photos are taken in Auto Mode. Also, I only have the 20mm Pancake Lenses. I am looking forward to the 14-45mm to arrive next month! I would love to imagine the day when I am able to use the manual function!

We went to Dessert Bowl in Serangoon Gardens for some glutinous rice and mango desserts. A great opportunity to test my indoor photography!

I am just looking forward to all the beautiful photos I can take in europe. The daylight there is beautiful. Panasonic GF1 is simply amazing and I have no regrets at all!



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