bonjour! & belated bonne annee!

and my french stops there!

Apologies for the long absence. It has indeed been a freakish winter in France. It had been so darn cold that it is a pain to step out of the house. I hate it when I forget to buy ONE item and had to redo the whole process of piling on 3 layers of clothing, socks, gloves and cap for a little 5 minute walk to the supermarket. I seriously envy the plumped up little birds chirping and fleeting around in the garden despite the frigid weather. How do they do it!? I SO long for spring now. AND THAT would be another 2 months wait. ARGH.

Life is pretty slow here except for W’s. His hectic schedule is starting this week and according to the counselling talks they gave to spouses, be prepared to see your husband for only 3 hours a day or less! Gosh.

Fortunately, life has been pretty fun and pleasant here. New friends and Partner’s Clubs that you could join (when I told W I joined Meditation Club too, he burst out laughing). Going to the marche had been fun too. The vendors are friendly and patient with my horrendous French and sign languages. And guess what! They gave me free vegetables too! He went ‘welcome to France’. Really sweet. I only thought the aunties in Singapore do that.

My apartment’s internet should be up soon and I’ll try to post some photos of our trip in Zurich, Austria and of course Fontainebleau.

So be patient and stay tuned!


4 Responses to “bonjour! & belated bonne annee!”

  1. YH Says:

    finally!!!! :) so looking forward to your first post from france
    and glad it sounds all so nice and peachy :)

    au revoir et salut!
    (i googled this haha)

  2. trainride Says:


    So nice to hear from you :) I’m still trying to adjust to the cold here. It’s so cold I rarely lift up my camera. haha. AND I seriously miss the food back home. It’s a torture actually :P Never realised how important ‘tao huay’ and ‘tao sar bao’ is to me!!! They only eat brocolli here!!!

    How are you doing???

  3. wy Says:

    hey gal, good to see you posting again and glad that you’re all settled into fontainbleau! looks like we are both in the nua mode now hehe. life is slow but it won’t be like that forever, so savour it while it lasts!!! go cook and experiment with french cuisine, or sip hot chocolate in cafes while enjoying the best croissants in the world!

    i’m trying to enjoy my time here in melb too hehe. it’s summer here though and getting pretty hot. i actually think i prefer winter to summer, even though you have to layer so much in winter. prefer snuggling up in warm clothes to sweating!!! i’m looking forward to autumn when it’ll be cooler and i think the colours will be amazing.

    totally understand the craving for singaporean food man. i’m not that bad here cuz there’s quite a lot of asian food. but it’s not the same as having that $3 plate of chai tao kway! i totally stuffed my face with hawker food when i was back in SG in dec. put on like 3kg man. still trying to work it off. are you going back to SG for a visit anytime?

    anyway looking forward to more blog entries from you! take care woman and say hi to W too! it’s pretty tough to get back into the study mode but i think he’ll be fine! =)


  4. meljat Says:

    Great to hear that u r settling in. Why miss SG food? savour french cuisine in the short time u are there! just returned from SG. feel like a tourist! K and I actually checked into a hotel in SENTOSA to check out the place. Took some videos.
    Orchard Rd is scary now…i miss the lil park teeming with filippino domestic helpers which has been replaced by this monstrous spaceship!! It’s only redemption comes by stealth of night when lil LED lights obscure somewhat its monstrous facade.
    guess i’ll miss u this year. doubt we r going back in 2011. come on down under! this summer’s been pretty ‘cool’ in Melb. vs the previous sweltering, oven baked summers!

    take care !

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