connected !!!

After 2 months without the internet. My internet in the apartment is finally up and running. Woohoo!!!

It had been an impossibly long process of applying, sending contracts and cheques in the cold (poor W), picking up the cable and router set from the Post Office, (they mailed the fixtures and we weren’t in!) setting up the fixtures with instructions in French *faint* and finally, waiting for the password to be mailed separately again because the letter was misplaced by the Post Office or ORANGE?!

I can’t believe the impact of internet on our lives. Especially when you are living away from your family and friends. My only means of connection to the World were the Financial Times (yep I can’t believe I’m reading it too), The Wall Street Journal and occasional logons using the terminals in Insead’s Library. But it can be such a pain to step out of my warm apartment when it’s all cold and snowing outside.

TODAY. The isolation ends. The password arrived and I am connected again.

Thank you W!!!


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2 Responses to “connected !!!”

  1. YH Says:

    So happi for u!!!!!
    I remember my Italian lecturer telling us that going to the post office is a one-day-affair in Italy. I think u can sooo understand that!

  2. trainride Says:

    Yes I really do understand…Not just the Post office, the bank as well!!! They ‘forgot’ to set up my automatic transfer *because they had too much work* and my landlady had to call me and chase me for rent!!!
    I tell you… I went to the post office, not knowing the size of the package and I had to walk 15 mins back to my apartment lugging the box and my groceries…sigh.

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