blood sausages or boudin noir. eeks.

As mentioned in the previous post, thinking about what to cook can be painful. ESPECIALLY when you are not familiar with the ingredients or rather the ingredients are not what we use in Asian Cooking. Instead of traveling an hour to Paris Chinatown in the cold and carting back ‘choy sum’ and tofu. I MUST ADAPT. Eat what the French eat. Baguette is one of them, cheese of course and THIS too. I am still figuring out the rest!

This particular stall has a never-ending queue. Curious. I decided to check out the food they have there. They sell fresh pork cuts,  home-made sausages, ham, bacons, terrines, pies and many other interesting foods. I picked the safe route and bought the ‘maison’ sausages and bacon instead. W loves blood sausages. So I decided to get one for him. This is called ‘boudin noir au piment’ or black pepper sausage. My french friend swears by it. They also sell sauerkraut which they call ‘choucroute’ here.

Fortunately, I met her that day for Indian cooking class otherwise I would have destroyed the sausage. You boil blood sausages (approx 20mins) instead of frying them in a pan! Verdict. Blood sausages have an interesting texture and taste to it. But I’ll stick to my frankfurters anytime!


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