Italian Lasagne & ‘something’

Now that my appetite has returned and my food aversion to European food has miraculously disappeared, I am beginning to try out new dishes from the open-air market located off Rue Grande. Now that I have to cook everyday, I begin to understand the pain my mum went through during our growing up years. She was always lamenting on the lack of ideas of dishes to cook and the washing up. Well. I have the same problem.  Hence, to avoid the hassle, I have decided to prepare only breakfast and dinner. Heh.

Lunch is a luxury given the high costs of living in France. It is a splurge because eating in Insead’s Restaurant would have been cheaper (approx 3-4euros). Buying food from the market meant double (6-7euros) the cost. But I really dislike the food in Insead except for Thursdays when Kebabs are sold at the barbeque section.

The Beef Lasagne is awesome! Crusty chewy mozzarella cheese on top, a soft cheese bechamel sauce layered within and minced beef with tomatoes and herbs. Delicious! It’s from a stall that specializes in Italian cuisine. They also sell fresh pastas, parma hams, cheeses, sweets and sauces. The Lasagne costs a bomb at 6-8 euros (by weight)!!! I could not remember the name of the pasta roll. It is pasta rolled with ham, mozzarella cheese and spinach. I couldn’t eat the cheese so W gladly wolfed it down for his afternoon tea.

Fortunately, the Market is set up only on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays. So I look forward to these days when I could get some tasty lunches and not worry about breaking the bank. The Italian stall has other dishes as well which I would be laying my teeth on soon! Yummieee!


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