Vegetarian Indian Cooking Class

Apart from FLC French Classes (which I stopped due to high fees and minimal content), marketing and hibernating at home, I had been attending a Vegetarian Indian Cooking class taught by a fellow Insead Partner. It’s a nice way to connect with friends, learn cooking and eat at the same time!

I have never tried Indian Vegetarian food. In fact, I was surprised when I found out here, that most friends from India are vegetarians due to their religion. I guess this is due to my limited understanding of the Indian culture. Rather, the majority of our Indian community in Singapore seem to be non-vegetarian. Think Muthu’s Curry and the numerous Indian Hawkers in Singapore selling roti prata, biryani, kambing soup! *drrooool*

I was curious about sustaining on vegetarian food. I am not a meat lover and tend to pick out the vegetables and tofus in meat dishes to eat. But now that I cook alot, I realise that I often use meat to flavour the dish. Otherwise, the food tastes too bland! I wonder how vegetarian food tastes?

The food is yummy and I am beginning to understand more about their cooking. They use lots of spices to flavour the dishes. The ingredients were usually simple. However, when dishes of different taste (sweet dishes & sour dishes) were paired. They go really well together to make an appetising meal!


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2 Responses to “Vegetarian Indian Cooking Class”

  1. francesca Says:

    hi, i am very keen to learn vegetarian cooking. can u pls furnish me details of venue, classes and fees.

    • trainride Says:

      Hi Francesca,

      Sorry for the late reply, I just got back from a road trip. Are you residing in Singapore at the moment? Actually the lessons are organized by the wife of a student at Insead and we are in France at the moment. However, she is going to Singapore in September. If she intends to teach in Singapore, I would inform you about it :)

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