Back from London! (Day 1)

It was an awesome trip. I had been to London twice but this is the best experience ever! I loved every minute of it. Despite my growing tummy and shifting centre of gravity (backaches!), I was bouncing with energy. Helps too that the weather was great. We had 2 sunny days and another day with just occasional intermittent showers. YEAH!

I woke up feeling like an excited kid looking forward to my 1st school excursion. Not sure if its the hormones! I made ourselves sandwiches, roasted some nuts and we’re off to catch the 8.30am bus! I was real glad to have prepared the sandwiches. It was yummier and cost just a fraction of the ones sold in the Eurostar!

We arrived at Gare de Lyon and took another train to Gare du Nord where Eurostar is located. The customs process to board the Eurostar was quick and efficient. I was ecstatic to hear the English language! No more ‘Bonjour’ or ‘Merci’! It makes a huge difference when you could understand what the world was talking about!

There was no itinerary and we were bunking in with our friends in Central London. (Thank you so much J and G! You are so kind to put us up!) Our sole objectives were to relax and meet up with friends. After a comfortable 2.5hr ride to London’s Kings Cross St Pancras Station (Central London). We arrived at 12.30pm (London Time). Since we are meeting our friends at 7.30pm, we decided to grab some lunch before catching the musical ‘Hairspray’ at Holborn.

We were glad to find these cool sandwich shops in Britain. EAT. It was the ‘pies with mash and gravy’ advertisement that drew us in. But I preferred the Chicken and Leek soup. Heh.

Hairspray was my first musical and I was bowled over. Coordinated dance moves and beautiful stage sets. Not to mention the powerful singing and marvelous acting. The entire crowd was standing, clapping and shaking their booties at the end of the show! If I could dance, I would have loved to join! Apart from the boisterous fun, there were sweet moments in the show too. I was touched when a white girl and a black man were apprehensive about their relationship due to racial segregation, the black man’s enlightened mother reminded that ‘Love is a gift from above, but people forget that’. Yes indeed. The opportunity to meet someone you can live with for the rest of your life is a gift from above. Beautiful.

We finally met up with our friends at dinnertime and they brought us to an amazing cafe, Bonda Cafe, that serves Malaysian food. We had Fried Rice and Char Kway Teow and the dishes indeed have ‘wok hei’ (fire from the wok)! We would have ordered more food if not for the long wait.


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