our wonderful hosts

It was a wonderful dinner hosted by our Japanese friends, Jun-san and Yoshimi-san.  I had mentioned to Yoshimi-san that I loved Japanese food. She took note of it and invited us to a dinner of Sukiyaki! It was so good (restaurant standards!) and heartwarming. They had placed great effort to ensure a good dinner for us. We were really touched. Jun-san has an amazing personality whilst Yoshimi-san is a very talented florist who used to work in the Ritz Paris (flower below : poppy). Despite their accolades, they are very humble and sincere. We were really fortunate to have the opportunity to meet them in Insead.

The really yummy Sukiyaki and the ultra smooth Chawanmushi. I have never had Chawanmushi like this except in Japanese Ryokans! Apparently it was slowly steamed to maintain it’s silky smooth texture. Yoshimi-san also prepared a potato stew, daikon & bacon salad and a carrot salad in sesame paste. Wonderful.

Dessert time! Fresh Strawberries that are in season in France now. Chocolate Orangettes from Marco Parcolini, caramels, biscotti from a boulangerie and belgian waffles. They prepared various teas for us to wash down the sweet treats. Yoshimi-san specially prepared the non-caffeinated teas for me. The tea pictured below is Rooibos Tea. It went really well with the sweet treats.

It was such a lovely meal. Thank you so much Jun-san and Yoshimi-san! We would love to invite you over for dinner soon!


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4 Responses to “our wonderful hosts”

  1. WY Says:

    hey gal, your pic reminds me of the time when our NAG team visited paris in june 2007. emmanuel from light cibles brought us to lunch at this restaurant near musee d’orsay. they served these small strawberries that were extremely sweet and juicy, with fresh cream. apparently this species of strawberries only come into season for one month each year. they were the most amazing strawberries i ever tasted in my life!!!! even sanson who claimed he didn’t like strawberries wolfed it all down. anyway hope u have a chance to try them. but i heard from LY that you are heading back to SG soon? keep in touch ok??? take care!!!

  2. trainride Says:

    Ooh, I haven’t tasted very sweet strawberries. The ones they have in the market now are sweet and sourish. But still way better and cheaper than those we buy in Singapore. I must find out more about these strawberries and try them!!! Do you remember which month that was???

    Yes yes, I am going back to Singapore end June. Argh. I’m gonna miss France. I thought I would be able to stay here for a year. But I’m happy with now. I just need to up my frequency to Paris before I go back ;) Would you be in Singapore then? I intend to get some nice goodies (provided they don’t get thrown out by customs) and we can hold a mini party at YH place like before ;)

  3. wy Says:

    it was in june! mid-june! so u may still be able to catch them before you head back to SG =)

    our plans are not confirmed yet as to when we are going home for good. will let you know!!!

    heard from chiew li that they are having a gathering at looloo’s place this friday cuz it’s end of school term for leesk. wish i could be there!

    • trainride Says:

      oooh…I hope I can eat them! I managed to get some sweet ones but I think they are not as sweet as what you guys had!

      Gathering at swee kuan’s? That sounds fun! I wish I could be there too!

      In any case, I look forward to seeing you back in singapore and hopefully at the same time so you can try out the goodies.

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