been there, done that & SCOOP

This is the first time W had been to France so I made sure he would see the sights before we return home to Singapore. After the wonderful meal at Le Timbre, we moved on to the Louvre where we caught a glimpse of the Mona Lisa (of course), the majestic Italian Artworks and beautiful sun-lit Sculpture Garden with its bigger-than-life sculptures. I was surprised. Twice in the past visits to the Louvre, I had never stepped into the Sculpture Garden. It felt ethereal to walk into the huge covered courtyard space surrounded by beautiful huge sculptures. W liked this the most.

After the Louvre, we were off to Champs Elysee to see the Arc de Triomphe. I had wanted to try out the afternoon tea and legendary macaroons at Laduree situated along Champs Elysee but was too caught up with shopping for maternity jeans at GAP (only the branch at Champs Elysee has them!) that it was soon time for dinner!


We had decided to adopt a cost savings strategy in our attempt to try out the food in Paris. Go for the Lunch Menus or Formules which are way cheaper than dinner sets. So after splurging on lunch at Le Timbre and not wanting to eat MacDonalds where a meal costs approx 6euros, lacklustre sandwiches at 8-10 euros or MORE kebabs, we settled on SCOOP which according to reviews, serves very good burgers in Paris. A Burger set with Potatoes and a Salad costs approx 10-12 euros. Of course, the lunch set at 15 euros which includes a very good milkshake is cheaper too so I am intending to go back for their lunches!

W had the Scoop Burger whilst I had the Bacon Cheeseburger with a veggie patty because we were worried that the beef would be rare (a big no-no for me). I love the veggie patty! It was so good I intend to recommend it to my vegetarian friends!

We were surprised to find out that the American owner actually attended 2 weeks of school in Insead Fontainebleau, before giving it up to attend to urgent family matters. She used to be a lawyer with an international bank before setting up SCOOP! That’s hope for some of us. Heh.

154, rue Saint Honoré (1st)
Tél: 01 42 60 31 84


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