strawberries and melon!

Seasonal changes are wonderful. Fresh blooms, sprouting leaves and changing weathers. The type of fruits they sell in the market and pastries in the  boulangeries change as well! With Spring, these are some new kids on the block. Strawberries and Melons!

Strawberries cost a bomb in Singapore. BUT. This big crate here costs only 3euros! Can you believe that! They are also sweeter than what we have back home. WY told me there are even sweeter ones coming out in June! I can’t wait to try them coz the batch I have now still has a sourish tinge to it. The melon is different. Though small, it is very sweet and juicy. I am addicted to melons now! I devour one melon on my own!

When I saw this Fraissier in the boulangerie, I just HAD TO EAT IT! It tastes sooo good! It has a thin layer of chocolate at the bottom, followed by a thin sponge cake and loads of cream and strawberries!

The bright red roses in full bloom in the courtyard garden. They are so huge!


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2 Responses to “strawberries and melon!”

  1. wy Says:

    yummy =) strawberries are a staple in my fridge here. even the slightly soury ones are nice if you sprinkle a bit of sugar over and let it sit for a while! i love living in a place with 4 seasons cuz every season brings with it something to look forward to!

    oh and you should be getting nice asparagus in the market there too now right? during spring, i bought asparagus almost every week cuz tx loves them and they are super easy to cook. i just pop them in the mini toaster, sprinkle some salt & pepper over, and they are done in 15min. no need to do anything else! too bad the white asparagus season only lasted for a few weeks here but the green ones were good for 3-4 mths!

    • trainride Says:

      Oh yes! The white asparagus is out too! I have been buying quite a few batches of those. They were delicious and sweet! I am really surprised at the flavour. They are very different from the green ones isn’t it. I just had them for dinner last night and took a lemon butter sauce recipe from Julia Child’s recipe book to go with it :) I asked the vendors how to eat them and they told me to boil and just eat them with vinegar. OISHI !!! you should try this method too and tell me if you like it ;)

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