L’as du Falafel, Amorino & A La Biche au Bois

W had to meet a friend in Paris hence I took the opportunity to eat and shop around Rue de Rosiers in the Marais Quarter where the famous L’as du Falafel is located. I pick the train leaving Fontainebleau at 11.04am so that I’ll reach Rue de Rossiers by noon to beat the lunch time crowd. This is also an attempt to save some money since a one way ticket to Paris costs me 6.30euros! The delicious Falafel Special at 5euros is a fantastic deal. This is a huge stuffed pita bread sandwich with crispy falafels, fresh white and purple cabbage, shredded cucumbers and roasted eggplants topped with yoghurt and piquante (a spicy sauce).

The ingredients were loaded at lightning speed and precision as they layer vegetables and falafel in sequence so that every bite is just right! There is a sit down cafe too, but the prices are higher. The amusing thing is, because of the rival store opposite which openly declared a challenge through their store name, L’as du Falafel had to hire leather jacket, heavy chained macho men to take orders, keep the queue in line and pull in crowds despit its popularity!

I couldn’t keep my eyes off the cones or cups of delicious ice cream that I saw along the way until I chanced upon Amorino, where I read, had one of the best Gelatos in Paris. I took the pistachio and chocolate flavours which seemed really popular and loved the pistachio flavour. The texture of the ice cream is really smooth too.

After more shopping, it was time for dinner. I met up with The Hubby and we made our way to A La Biche au Bois, a wonderful restaurant that opens only on weekdays. They are good with game as well as traditional french food. It is homey with many locals and good unpretentious food. We made a reservation for 7pm and by 7.30pm, the restaurant was full. Guests had to be turned away if no reservations were made!

Finally! I got to taste Coq au Vin (rooster simmered in red wine). It tastes so good but very rich. W couldn’t finish it! I had the special of the day which was duck breast. But the attentive staff noted that I couldn’t eat it rose because of my pregnancy and got me well done which was a pity. It would have been great if i could eat it rose. The sauce was delicious! On the top left photo is the chicken livers entree. I hate livers but I can’t believe I finished up the entire plate for W! Salmon rillettes entree on the right. At the end of the meal, I ordered a Chocolate Gateau with a soft creamy centre in white chocolate sauce. Amazing. At 24.90 euros for a 3 course dinner meal. It was a steal!

Apparently their menu changes with the season, I think I would love to try some gamey food like Partridges or Rabbits so if you are game too, you should try them!

A La Biche au Bois 45, Av Ledru Rollin, Tel: 01 43 43 34 38, Nearest Metro: Gare de Lyon


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