Roadtrip Mont Saint Michel & Saint Malo

Many apologies to my dear friends who had asked to see the photos of our last road trip 3 weeks back! The exams had kept both W and me real busy and after the exams, we did a road trip to the South of France, Provence. In fact, we just got back on Monday. The new school term just started and I finally had some breather to edit the photos that are piling up.

It was an impromptu trip. Our group of 15 (approx) set off on Saturday for a 4 hour drive towards Normandy. Fortunately for us, the weather was great. However, as our car left later, we made our way to Mont Saint Michel on our own and decided to check into the hotel first (the hotel was called St Michel) only to realise upon arrival that the hotel was an hour away from the sight! We drove quickly and was pretty lucky to catch the city before the sun sets (except for the abbey at the peak).

Mont Saint Michel is beautiful with cobbled streets and multitudes of layers. It’s like a stepped labyrinth! In the evening the place turns ethereal as the tide rises over the mud flats and the entire place seems to float on water.

Quaint passages and little bridges over voids. Every turn reveals different street spaces or secret gardens. An amazing urban experience. An architecture student’s dream space I believe *wink*.

Dinner time! Since we are in Normandy, seafood was a safe bet. W’s mussels, oysters and the fish soup was good. But the rest were mainly tourist fare. Costs a bomb too. Argh.

The hotel was nice, cosy and really cheap (115 euros for 4 pax excluding breakfast) although the toilet was a little cold in the night!

Our 7 euro breakfast. Expensive but comforting. One of those rare hotels that provided ham and cheese, homemade fluffy croissants, pain au chocolate and really nice hot chocolate drink! But I guess I ate more than my money’s worth. I wolfed down 3 big croissants, 1 big pain au chocolate (croissant with chocolate), a small slice of baguette, a glass of orange juice and a jug of hot chocolate. Yup, this is what happens when you are feeding for 2!


After the big breakfast, we checked out at 11am and set off for our next destination – Saint Malo! We decided to drive along the coast and chanced upon Cap Frehel. A beautiful place with many tourists stopping by to enjoy the scenery. Although it was bright and sunny, the view was hazy. We wondered if it was due to the volcanic ash.


Finally, the walled city of Saint Malo. Walled cities seemed popular in France. Well, I guess unless you are sited on a cliff (like those in Provence), it made sense to build walls against your enemies and the raging sea.

The wall separating the city and the sea. That’s us in the little shadows sticking out. Heh.

That’s a prison below. Nice place for a prison though I believe it gets really cold in winter.

Saint Malo was swamped with families armed with sand buckets and picnic baskets.

Quite a nice contrast to have a beach next to your city. The sand was soft and awash with seaweeds and shells. We were looking for mussels since Brittany is famous for its seafood. Of course the seagulls got to them before we did.

Below : The view of the walled city from the Prison.

I love the contrasts between the rocks, the seaweeds, the sand and the water. It was really tempting to dive right into the sea but since no one was doing it. It seems best and safe to follow!

Lunch Time! The navigators hard at work, punching on their iphones to look for recommended restaurants in the area. Apart from its seafood. Brittany is famous for crepes of course! We chanced upon this creperie which had our friends dreaming about days after. It was so good, they ordered double portions of the ‘super complete’ akin to an English Big Breakfast of mushrooms, gooey gruyere cheese, ham, tomatoes and sunny side up wrapped in the crispy crepe. I had a crepe with Breton sausage and butter. Simple but delicious! Normandy apples are a feature in their desserts too and were awesome.

After the satisfying lunch, we took a little walk around the city (below right pic is the entrance to the old town). After which, it was a 4 hours drive back to Fontainebleau again. Tiring but fun. Great job hubby! You always get us home safe and sound!


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