Insead’s 50th Anniversary Summer Ball

I didn’t bring my camera because it was too big to fit into my clutch bag! I really should have bought another compact camera. Argh. Nevertheless, I was glad it wasn’t too cold and W need not remove his tuxedo jacket for me.

It was a beautiful and festive night with acrobatic performers (encased in huge plastic balls included) and instrumentalists in their elaborate costumes performing in the open. Students were decked out in fine hairdos, beautiful elaborate gowns and tuxedos too. Apparently, Insead had wanted to host the event in a Chateau but with a sellout of 2000 people. I guess the Chateau owners were worried. Hence, the event was hosted on the campus. Separate locations were set up and you visit each venue to sample their offerings. The campus was successfully transformed! Each space was elaborately decorated, offered different music and free flow canapes served in accordance to the theme. I couldn’t recognise the original cafe or canteen that was there! When it came to midnight, an almost 15 minutes long dazzling array of fireworks was set off. It was so pretty. After which it was back to more food, music and chit chat with fellow schoolmates or the very old alumnis.

The Ball starts at 10pm and ends with a breakfast at 4am. You could also have a survivor photo taken if you manage to stay up past 4.30am! Alas. vanity had gotten the better of me. My extra body weight exerted so much pressure on my feet (yes I wore heels) that I couldn’t walk by 1.30am. We wanted to take a nap in our apartment and appear for the 4am breakfast but as you can guess, we slept right through! Nevertheless, it was a memorable experience to remember for life.

One of the moments that I will remember. Students dancing to this.

Ah, poor bankers and consultants. Haha.



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