or ‘mu-dan-hua’ is one of my favourite flowers. They were in season 3 weeks back and can be bought in the market for 10 euros a bunch. Each time I pass the flower stall at the market, I would stop to admire the flowers there. So beautiful! I would love to buy the deep dark red peonies that I had used for my wedding bouquet but I just couldn’t bear to part with 10euros! However, I hosted a dinner last week and our wonderful friend, Yoshimi-san assembled a beautiful bouquet using peonies and flowers from her garden! I was elated!

I had no vase that was large enough to hold the bouquet so I had to disassemble it and rearrange them into 2 smaller vases. I would have loved to keep Yoshimi-san’s assembly! So sorry!

Peonies are so soft and delicate. I was pretty worried that the petal would all fall out by the time I am done! It’s wonderful seeing the flowers bloom into different stages each day. They never remain the same.

Yoshimi-san also got me a box of chocolates from Frederic Cassel, a famous chocolatier in Fontainebleau. It was so good!


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