picnic at Samois

Woh, never knew there was such a nice area just outside Fontainebleau. Quaint houses, beautiful gardens and river with lots of ducks, swans and turtles! Flowers are in bloom and many French are out in the strong sun strolling, cycling, walking their dogs, having picnics or just boating in the river. So peaceful!

Above : The bridge linking the village to an island – our picnic destination! Below : Check out our food spread. The food ended up in our tummy in a jiffy! It was a really nice afternoon chatting away. After the food is cleared, our affable host G made us hot indian tea with spices or ‘chai’ back in his house. Oh, I really miss our ‘teh-c’ and ‘teh-tarik’ back home. Apparently it is their habit to down a cup of hot tea 30 minutes after food.

After the nice hot tea and more chats, we departed. W and I decided to explore the pretty village a little.

Secret passages and turns which lead to another path. So much to explore!

Bottom Right Corner Pic : W thinks it looks like salad!!!

Below Left : The red flowers look like roses to me. It added a beautiful and romantic touch to the house. These houses and stone walls remind me so much of the story ‘Secret Garden’.

There are in fact many more villages surrounding Fontainebleau. There is a forest as well with deers and more wildlife! I hope we get to explore the place before I leave for Singapore soon.


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