The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand

There was a movie based on the book?! I didn’t know that. I read the book previously. It was intense and very inspiring. This is an excerpt which my friends would relate to very well. Haha. It is a high ideal indeed and hard to believe that any Architect would dare destroy a Developer’s building! But do watch the whole clip.

‘ I agreed to design it for the purpose of seeing it built as I wish. That was the price I set for my work. I was not paid. My building was disfigured at the whim of others who took all the benefits of my work and gave me nothing in return. I came here to say I do not recognise anyone’s right to one minute of my life. Nor to any part of my energy, not to any achievement of mine. No matter who makes the claim….I do not care to work or live on any others. My terms are a man’s right to exist for his own sake.’


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