let’s start from here

We decided on the name Nadia to remember our stay in France. Despite the 1st trimester puking, fatigue and a walk (the car was not ready yet) in the stinging wintry cold to Fontainebleau Public Hospital (where NO ONE SPEAKS ENGLISH) because of spotting, we got through the pregnancy with beautiful memories. We had named our baby after our gynaecologist in Fontainebleau (Dr Nadia Metzger) and adopted the name immediately when we found out that Nadia meant Hope.

Today, we decided to donate Nadia’s cord blood to the Singapore Cord Blood Bank (SCBB). I never knew that cord blood could save an adult too! Frankly, I was hesitant. Do we preserve the cord blood for her or should we donate? What are the chances of her needing her cord blood? Would medical science have advanced to a stage where medication could be used, should the need arises? The nurse coordinator at SCBB was helpful and patient when explaining the idea of cord blood donation and addressing my concerns. If cord blood cannot be used for your own self (for genetic diseases) since it would mean that the blood is genetically unsuitable, why then are there private cord blood banks in Singapore? I guess it is akin to buying insurance (you pay a yearly fee to maintain your cord blood in the private blood bank). According to the private banks, there are many diseases which could be treated by cord blood. Some apparently proven and some undergoing trials. For now, the cord blood preserved could save a sibling’s life too. This is a big struggle indeed. I figured it all boils down to the probability of having a genetic disease, timing and every parent concerns and priorities. There is absolutely no right/wrong in deciding to bank or donate the cord blood.

We have decided not to store the cord blood in a private cord blood bank. It would be great if another baby could benefit from the cord blood and be given a new lease of life. We can imagine a parent’s agony and only hope that this would relieve another family’s pain.

So little Nadia, let’s start from here.


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4 Responses to “let’s start from here”

  1. bookjunkie Says:

    this post was just beautiful and truly touching :) Nadia is a lovely name. The name connotes beauty, grace and elegance for me.

    • trainride Says:

      hello bookjunkie,

      I like the way it sounds too and the connotations you have described. I’m happy you like the name too ;)

  2. wy Says:

    hey babes, thanks for sharing this. i picked up a cord blood brochure at my gynae’s office and was wondering about it too, but guess now is too early for us to decide.

    you must be quite nervous and apprehensive… just 4 more days to the big day! will be praying for a smooth delivery for you. i can’t wait to meet little nadia!

    • trainride Says:

      Hello wy ;)

      Yes I was pondering a long time about this too until W showed me this website. After understanding more about what cord blood banking is about, we decided to donate it. Do talk to SCBB and private cord blood banks to understand more so it’s easier to decide.

      Thank you so much! I can’t wait to meet her too!!!

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