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Just another day’s work.

September 21, 2010

Bringing a baby with reflux to the pediatrician after throwing up gallons of milk in projectile motion through the mouth and nose.

Never knew baby’s stomach can hold THAT MUCH MILK.

Instead, baby’s parents found that baby had developed an inflamed lymph node due to her BCG Injection *unrelated to reflux*. Baby’s mom’s Singaporean Death Stare must have frightened the doctor and doctor *whom I applaud for having great jedi sense* quickly explained that there is only ONE type of BCG used in Singapore and it comes from Belgium.

Baby was referred to Pediatric SURGEON *faint*.

Note the following post may be graphic and offensive. You have been warned.

Surgeon recommended incision where they will spray local anesthesia, cut (1.5cm) and extract the pus *2 M&Ms size* which had accumulated in the lymph node and flush out the area.

Teary mommy held on to baby’s hands and the procedure was over in less than a minute. Baby was brave, cried for awhile and fell asleep soon after. Well, the cries were far worse when denied of milk.

Surgeon told mommy to dress the wound everyday. What!? This is THE REASON why mommy did not choose medical school! On top of it, a baby’s wound!?

OK. Baby’s papa will do it.

But before papa was home, baby had poo poo-ed ALOT. So much so that the mustardy poo had squished onto the car seat and the gauze. SHIT.

Mommy had NO CHOICE but to face her fears and clean up the area including the wound.

OK. It wasn’t so bad after all. Because, instead of a gaping wound, it was just a fine line. Phew.


missing france – Chateau Du Saussay

September 18, 2010

It was a wonderful party that we had attended in early June set amidst beautiful surroundings and a great weather.  It was elaborate and classy complete with a jazz band, good food and wine and beautiful decor set up by W’s schoolmate. And of course we were very happy to be invited. Funnily, we did not know the reason for the party though we suspect it was an engagement party for the host. Hehe. In fact when we were there, Louis Vuitton was doing some photo shoots and a cocktail for its collections too.

The party was set within the lush gardens. Landscaped gardens juxtaposed with the natural landscape.  The photos do no justice to the gardens at all!

Although the roses were withering in late spring in our apartment premises. The roses here were still blooming. I just love the texture of the flowers and the old walls of the chateau. In the picture above, W was crossing the moat which separates the Chateau from the gardens where the party was held.

I wish Singapore has gardens like that where beautiful weddings can be held. So romantic.

W’s schoolmates chilling out and the fantastic Jazz band playing wonderful classics. The atmosphere was just so relaxing.

The wonderful food spread. Looking back, I could see where the 17kg was from over the course of my pregnancy. I am still trying to lose the fat! Although alcohol was off limits for me. It was so good that W had to let me try some. Sic.

Beyond the gardens is the forest which gave a very calming and serene effect. It was like a fairytale where you would imagine fairies and elves playing within.

My favorite! The grill station which was churning out huge prawns. I saw the prawns in the marche on Friday but they cost a bomb so I stuffed myself with prawns here. Hehe. Afterall, cooked food is the only thing I could eat due to my pregnancy! BUT I can’t believe I forgot all about the ice cream stand and totally missed out on the ice cream! Argh!

The host also provided game stands for shooting, dartboards, archery, racing cars and balls for his guests to entertain themselves with. Amazing. WHICH I think I could only do so in a similar fashion if I strike 1st prize in 4D! Haha.

missing france

September 12, 2010

I finally found time to upload my photos from my camera.

Ever since the ‘touch down’ in Singapore on 19 June, the following days were filled with preparing for our baby’s arrival. Because baby items in Singapore costs so much, pricier items like our micralite stroller and maxi cosi cabrio carseat were bought off Amazon UK and shipped to France (we got them back using our 40kg SQ airline baggage allowance), digital warmers and thermometer etc were bought off Amazon US and shipped via Vpost to Singapore (though crucial items like breastpumps should be bought locally due to warranty issues). So apart from running around buying essentials for baby (I love NTUC!), meeting up with friends, I was practically glued to the computer screen looking for deals.

3 months have passed since then. Time flies. Looking through the photos bring back wonderful memories. The morning walks to the marche which opens only on Tues, Fri and Sun, the pretty Les Sablons street with my favourite boulangerie, the friendly pharmacy, butcher shops, cheese shops and toy shops. Not to mention the laboratory I go every month for my blood tests (it is compulsory to test for toxoplasmosis for pregnancy). The friendly and generous french people at the market going ‘bonjour madame’ and always giving me freebies (like omega 3 enriched seaweed/algae which costs a bomb) to eat! I wished I could stay on to experience the nice summer/autumn in Fontainebleau now.

My daily breakfast of pain aux cereales, baguette vienoisse and my favorite doux buerre (unsalted butter) from the market

Pastries from my favorite boulangerie

Food experimentation. Just love the colors and it taste great too!

The different type of yoghurts. Yoghurt is a big thing in France and they have so many to choose from. I heard the good ones are unpasteurised which means they are out of bounds for me. Bleah.

motherhood beginnings

September 8, 2010

Motherhood is overwhelming but absolutely wonderful. Despite the tiring nights (still continuing) and mental challenges (more about that later) which made me function in a daze during the day, Nadia is worth every effort required. It is just wonderful observing her every movement and expression. It never fails to delight us.

It is really amazing what a baby can do. Equipped with built in responses and reflexes, it exemplifies the beauty of nature and mankind. Babies have jedi instincts too and can sense our presence. W calls it the animal instinct. Every baby is programmed to thrive! The mother is influenced as well. Despite being a heavy sleeper, any little movement or whimper from her would jolt me awake! Also, I realise I could hear her cries amongst the noise or even 2 rooms away with doors closed. Amazing.

Nadia @ 3 days in the hospital ward

Nadia @ 5 days after a feed in her daddy’s hands (he was trying to burp her)

Nadia @ 12 days with a multitude of expressions

Nadia @ 4 weeks with a mohawk which her uncle is determined to have as well!

1st month 3 September 2010

September 7, 2010

Finally! Nadia is one month old! I had decided to dress her up a little to mark this special day. It was an eventful day for little Nadia. She made her first trip to the airport to pick up her daddy and had her Hep B jab in the afternoon which left her in shock and howling after. Haha. But it was only a short cry and she recovered soon after. Brave girl!

We decided to do a small family party instead because W was away for 2 weeks and had just arrived in Singapore after a bootcamp in Basel.

As usual, all adults were feasting away while the little one was snoozing off. We also snipped off a little lock of hair for keepsakes and to signify her departure from the mother’s womb.

We are so looking forward to the many months ahead with little Nadia.