1st month 3 September 2010

Finally! Nadia is one month old! I had decided to dress her up a little to mark this special day. It was an eventful day for little Nadia. She made her first trip to the airport to pick up her daddy and had her Hep B jab in the afternoon which left her in shock and howling after. Haha. But it was only a short cry and she recovered soon after. Brave girl!

We decided to do a small family party instead because W was away for 2 weeks and had just arrived in Singapore after a bootcamp in Basel.

As usual, all adults were feasting away while the little one was snoozing off. We also snipped off a little lock of hair for keepsakes and to signify her departure from the mother’s womb.

We are so looking forward to the many months ahead with little Nadia.


2 Responses to “1st month 3 September 2010”

  1. wy Says:

    that’s a nice idea… a small family party for the 1st mth celebration…. that’s what it’s all about! nadia looks so adorable in her pretty dress….even when wailing her lungs out! hehe! love her little feet and mittened-hands. so cute!

  2. pbli Says:

    she is so beautiful, looks like mama

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