motherhood beginnings

Motherhood is overwhelming but absolutely wonderful. Despite the tiring nights (still continuing) and mental challenges (more about that later) which made me function in a daze during the day, Nadia is worth every effort required. It is just wonderful observing her every movement and expression. It never fails to delight us.

It is really amazing what a baby can do. Equipped with built in responses and reflexes, it exemplifies the beauty of nature and mankind. Babies have jedi instincts too and can sense our presence. W calls it the animal instinct. Every baby is programmed to thrive! The mother is influenced as well. Despite being a heavy sleeper, any little movement or whimper from her would jolt me awake! Also, I realise I could hear her cries amongst the noise or even 2 rooms away with doors closed. Amazing.

Nadia @ 3 days in the hospital ward

Nadia @ 5 days after a feed in her daddy’s hands (he was trying to burp her)

Nadia @ 12 days with a multitude of expressions

Nadia @ 4 weeks with a mohawk which her uncle is determined to have as well!



3 Responses to “motherhood beginnings”

  1. bookjunkie Says:

    What a precious girl! Love her expressions especially the one where she’s going ‘ooo!’ Congratulations :)

  2. wy Says:

    oh gosh she is sooooo super cute!!! can rival lee ann!!! can’t wait to see her tomorrow!!! so happy for you woman… she is perfect!!!

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